Vinay Pathak did not take any training to become a Chartered Accountant in 420 IPC | Vinay Pathak did not take any training to become a Chartered Accountant in 420 IPC, said- ‘If you read the script more than once, that is your preparation’ – Bollywood News in Hindi

By Pooja rawat, Dec 17, 2021 – 18:50 hrs IS

Vinay Pathak, who won everyone’s heart with his stellar performances in both the episodes of Special Ops, will soon be seen as a Chartered Accountant in ZEE5’s Original film 420 IPC. Apart from him in this film, Ranvir Shorey, Gul Panag and Rohan Vinod Mehra are also seen playing important roles in the film. The trailer of the film has already looted the praises of the people, so everyone is waiting for the release of the film. Directed by Manish Gupta and produced by Zee Studios and Rajesh Kejriwal and Gurpal Sachar under their banner Curious Digital PL, the film centers on a chartered accountant Bansi Keswani played by Vinay Pathak, who is arrested for an economic offense. has gone . Mehra plays Pathak’s defense lawyer, while Shourie will be seen playing the role of an eccentric Parsi public prosecutor, with Panag playing the role of Pathak’s wife. Vinay Pathak’s character has always impressed the audience with his characters.

Vinay Pathak’s 420 IPC

When asked about the preparation for the character in the film, he said, “The script of the film was so well written that I didn’t have to go out and take any classes from a chartered accountant for it. The character in 420 IPC is not complicated but the script is complicated. If you read a well written script more than once, then that becomes a ground for your preparation. For me, the tight script of 420 IPC was the reason for doing it. I try to associate with a story that has a well-written story and a well-written screenplay and some hard work has been put into it. Because everything depends on him. It is very important for the script to be tight. Luckily the one who wrote the script of 420 IPC is its director.

During the interview, when Vinay was asked if he has any such dream role that he wants to play, in response he said, “My dream is not of roles but of good script. The longing to be associated with good stories and scripts has always been there and will continue to be so. I believe that a well written story and characters are always interesting. So the search is always for a good script.”

When Vinay was asked about the next installment of Bheja Fry, he said, “The answer can be found only from the makers of Bheja Fry.”

In the end Vinay spoke about 420 IPC saying, “It has precise script, tight scripted dialogues, superb cast and that is the beauty of Gul Panag ji. Apart from this, there is Ranvir Shorey ji who is a very amazing actor. Apart from this, a new face will be seen Rohan Vinod Mehra. Apart from this, I am also with all of them.



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