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Total Dhamaal Movie Review | If you want to enjoy Total Dhamaal then leave your mind at home movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

The Dhamaal franchise cannot be counted in the league in which Golmaal or Housefull films come. But the fact that [2007] and double bang [2011] There have been quite a few successful films and they have been well received on TV. Along with this the recall value of the film is also considerable. Hence, the third installment of the Dhamaal franchise, Total Dhamaal, has a lot to offer. But this time the makers have added three new faces, Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor to this installment. So will Total Dhamaal, which released in theaters this week, be able to bring smiles on people’s faces while living up to the expectations of the audience or does it disappoint in a big way? Let’s review.

Total Dhamaal is the story of some greedy crazy characters. Guddu (Ajay Devgan) is a petty thug. He along with his partner Johnny (Sanjay Mishra) receives a tip that huge sums of money are being exchanged in a hotel room. They arrive there only to realize that the recipient of the money is the Commissioner of Police (Boman Irani). Nevertheless, Guddu and Johnny rob the commissioner of money and escape. Here their driver Pintu (Manoj Pahwa) double crosses them and runs away with 50 crores. Meanwhile, Avinash Patel (Anil Kapoor) and Bindu (Madhuri Dixit) have been married for 17 years and have filed for divorce. Lallan (Riteish Deshmukh) and Jhingur (Pitobash Tripathi) are firemen who are fired for taking bribes. And Aditya Srivastava (Arshad Warsi) and Manav Srivastava (Javed Jaffrey) need jobs. He is working in an ancient art gallery of Altaf (Sudesh Lehri). Unfortunately, some ancient materials worth crores of rupees are broken by humans. With no other option, they run away from the gallery and that too by stealing Altaf’s hi-tech car. They are on the highway with Lallan-Jhingur and Avinash-Bindu when they see a plane crash. They go to the site and see Pintu who is inside the ill-fated flight. He is about to die and he blames them for hiding the money he had stolen from Guddu in a zoo in Janakpur, which is located about 450 km from the site. Before he can confess, Guddu reaches there and tells others that he will return her money. But others threaten to go to the police. Here Guddu devises a plan – whoever reaches Janakpur Zoo first, will be the sole owner of those 50 crores. Thus begins the race of these people towards Janakpur. What happens next will be known after watching the rest of the film.

The story of Ved Prakash, Paritosh Painter and Rathod is weak as it is picked up from the first part itself. There is absolutely no novelty in this and it is completely predictable. The screenplays of Ved Prakash, Paritosh Painter and Rathod are slightly better as the funny situations are different this time as compared to the last time. But at some points, it’s also a bit random. This is especially true in the second half. The dialogues of Ved Prakash, Paritosh Painter and Bunty Rathod are one of the high points and add humor to the film.

Indra Kumar’s direction is a bit old. He didn’t realize that times had changed. The plot and screenplay already gives a sense of the intelligence of the audience and their direction doesn’t help much either. The film drags on in the second half and in between. Also some communities are ridiculed and this may not go down well with a section of the audience. It has many tracks and many characters but he shifts the focus well between them all.

Total Dhamaal starts off with a bang. The entry of all the characters is done in a very funny way, especially that of Guddu. Lallan’s entry scene will also make you laugh with laughter. The way all the main characters clash with each other is also shot quite well. But there is no development in the film as the initial 80-90 minutes are devoted to the Janakpur Zoo and the characters trying to overcome the various obstacles on the way. Some of the scenes that take place here and the railway tunnel are really funny are Avinash-Bindu’s attempt to take a shortcut, GPS (in a funny voice by Jackie Shroff) and Lallan’s scary helicopter ride etc. After the interval, however, some things seem to be repeated. Also the second half is less comical than the first half. Skydiving and waterfall scenes do not work. The makers didn’t care how Avinash-Bindu escaped from the waterfall and how Lallan gets the motorbike. It seems director Indra Kumar suddenly realized that he has taken too much time to do ‘Total Dhamaal’ and hence he jumps into the climax. Although he should have done better. The finale of the film is also very long drawn out and again like DHAMAAL, it gets emotional. Thankfully, the presence of wild animals and the humor around them add a nice touch to the climax.

Ajay Devgan is very funny and his expressions are worth watching which brings the most laughs. Anil Kapoor takes little overs but overall works. Madhuri Dixit’s comic timing is perfect. There is also a sensitive side to his character. Her character urges others to save Pintu and even other animals. At one point, Anil and Madhuri’s Tu-Tu-Main-Main blows their nose. Sadly, Riteish Deshmukh gets a wrong deal and he is overpowered by others, although he also has some funny scenes in the film. Arshad Warsi as always good work without any complaints. Javed Jaffrey is the biggest strength of this franchise, which is visible this time as well. Since the film has many actors, Javed Jaffrey’s screen time is much less as compared to his previous two installments. But the fans will have no reason to complain for him. Esha Gupta’s (Prachi) entry is late but she leaves an indelible mark. Boman Irani suits his role and his scenes with Ajay and Vijay Patkar (Inspector Patkar) are quite funny. Among the supporting cast, Vijay Patkar, Sanjay Mishra, Manoj Pahwa, Pitobash, Sudesh Lehri, Shrikant Maski (Reddy) are notable. Johnny Lever (Shubhroto) however makes the most of these supporting actors. Special mention should go to Krystal- the monkey (zoo security officer) as he looks so funny and cute and Jackie Shroff voicing the GPS is even more fun. Sonakshi Sinha is fine in the song ‘Mungda’.

There is no scope for Gaurav-Roshin’s music and thankfully no lyrics have been added in between the adventures. ‘Paisa Yeh Paisa’ is the most memorable of all the songs. ‘Mungda’ is disappointing, while ‘Speaker Phat Jaye’ is played during the end credits. Kookie Gulati’s song direction is superb.

Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score suits the style of the film. Keiko Nakakara’s cinematography is satisfactory. Durgaprasad Mohapatra’s production design is a bit clumsy and shoddy in some scenes. RP Yadav’s action is fine while NY VFXwala’s VFX is average. In the animal scenes, the VFX is quite good but in some scenes, it disappoints. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing could have been stricter. Also the shifting of attention from one character to another is really commendable.

Overall, Total Dhamaal is an entertaining film with its funny moments provided you leave your mind at home. If you are not looking for wisdom and logic in light-hearted entertainment, then this movie is definitely made for you. At the box office, this film may be liked by the audience but after Monday the fate of the film will be decided in the true sense.



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