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Student Of The Year 2 Movie Review | Film review of this film that touches the heart – Bollywood News in Hindi

Among the films made on college life, few films have definitely won the hearts of the audience. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, 3 Idiots and Student of the Year. And now this week another college life based film has been released in theaters Student of the Year 2, which is the second part of Student of the Year which came out in the year 2012. While Student of the Year saw Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt making their Bollywood debut, Student of the Year 2 sees Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria making their Bollywood debut with Tiger Shroff supporting them. So will Punit Malhotra’s directorial Student Of The Year 2 manage to entertain the audience or will it fail in its endeavor, let’s review.

Student Of The Year 2 is the story of Vijay, Pyaar and Comeback. Rohan (Tiger Shroff) and Mridula (Tara Sutaria) study together at Pishori Chamanlal College. The two are in love and there comes a time when Mridula changes her college and joins the prestigious St. Terrace College. Rohan also wants to get admitted in this college, but knowing that the fees there are very expensive, he gives up his wish. But he does not give up and tries his luck to get admission under sports quota. And finally Rohan gets admission in the college. But after going there Rohan sees that Mridula has changed and now she calls herself Miya. At the same time, she also makes a distance from Rohan. But after some time Rohan again wins Mridula’s heart and the two become one again. Meanwhile, Rohan is introduced to Terrace’s stud and star athlete, Manav Mehra (Aditya Seal). They soon become friends but Manav’s sister Shreya (Ananya Pandey) stops him. One day there is a dance competition in college, Rohan-Miya participate as a team while Manav and Shreya participate as a team. For both the girls, winning the competition is very important. Miya wants to gain popularity and Shreya, wants to escape from the clutches of her tyrannical father Mr. Randhawa (Chetan Pandit) and enrolls her over-arrogant brother Manav and a dance school in London. During the competition, Manav and Shreya win and Rohan-Miya lose. Miya breaks down and when Rohan goes to console her, he sees Miya and Manav close by. In anger, Rohan kills Manav. But Rohan’s move puts him in trouble. What happens next after this, it is known only after watching the next film.

Arshad Syed’s story is nothing new and unique with additional inputs by Paulomi Dutta. However, it has been written with this style in mind. However, Arshad Syed’s screenplay is gripping, dramatic. Although the beginning is a bit odd. Arshad Syed’s dialogues are witty and some of the one liners are laughable.

Punit Malhotra’s direction is apt. He does full justice to the plot of the film. It was quite difficult for him as the first part was well prepared by Karan Johar, but Puneet does not disappoint in the matter. At some places, he goes with a stagger. It is difficult to digest Shreya’s part in the second half. Apart from this, Miya’s twist is baffling which raises many questions.

Student of the Year 2 doesn’t start off so well. The opening moments don’t keep the audience hooked. But when Rohan takes admission in St. Terrace, interest in the film awakens. The contrast between Pishori and St. Terrace is well illustrated. Also, the issues Rohan faces while adjusting to the new environment and the way he changes his wardrobe to get set in that environment is believable. Jeffrey’s scene is funny but Mr. Randhawa’s slapping Shreya in the first half is worth watching. This scene takes the film to a different level. The scene at the intermission point is quite impressive. The second half gets even better when Rohan changes his life’s dream. Some of the scenes are spectacular like Shreya celebrating her birthday alone, Rohan, Shreya and Mia arguing in the cafe, and the fight scene at the college stadium. The climax of the film is seated, though it is predictable, but still worth watching.

Tiger Shroff seems to be in perfect form and delivers a stellar performance. His presence on screen is captivating. In the action sequences, Punit Malhotra should be commended for fully utilizing Tiger’s action potential and at the same time making it a part of the story of the film. Ananya Panday is a complete star and she proves it. She suits the character of an arrogant rich girl. She wins hearts in terms of acting. Tara Sutaria makes her debut brilliantly. But alas, she gets sidelined a bit in the second half. As the bad boy, Aditya Seal would have dominated. Harsh Beniwal (Puggi) is quite entertaining and brings a lot of laughs. Ayesha Raza (Principal Singh) and Manoj Pahwa (Coach Mahipal) take a few overs but are fine as per the requirement of the character. Sameer Soni (Principal Gujral) tries to be funny but fails. Gul Panag (Coach Kuljeet) plays a small role. Will Smith is shown for a few seconds and Alia Bhatt adds glamor to the hook up song.

Vishal-Shekhar’s music is not that great. The first part had very memorable songs while the level of the songs has gone down in it. ‘The Jawaani Song’ is the best and most entertaining. ‘The Hook Up Song’ appears in the end credits, and rightly so. Salim-Sulaiman’s background score is energetic and dramatic.

Ravi K Chandran’s cinematography is captivating and gives a scintillating look to the film. The choreography of the trio is Remo D’Souza (Jawaani Song), Adil Sheikh (‘Fakira’ and ‘Jatt Ludhayina Da’) and Farah Khan (Hook Up Song). Sumaiya Sheikh’s production design adds to the charm of the film. The costumes of Manish Malhotra and Nikita Jaisinghani are also attractive. Sham Kaushal’s action is beyond logic but works well in films of this genre. Editing by Ritesh Soni is commendable. The film is about 145 minutes long, but it doesn’t look that long.

Overall, Student Of The Year 2 is an entertaining and enjoyable film that will touch the hearts of the audience. The film has the potential to perform well at the box office.



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