Spider-Man: No Way Home India Box Office Collection Day 5

Spider-Man: No Way Home box office collection day 5  saw a very good hold on Monday with only a 40% drop in collections from Friday all across and the way numbers are looking it looks set to become the first post-pandemic blockbuster. It is also holding better even than Pushpa and also looks to be a true Pan India movie with South contributing more than North for this movie

Spider-Man: No Way Home India Box Office Collection Day 5

13-14 Crore estimate

Spider-Man: No Way Home India Total Box Office Collection

121.37  Crore to 122.37 Crore

108.37 Crore nett Producer Figure or 138.55 Crore gross

108 Crore nett Trade Figure

Day 4

29.23 Crore Producer Figure

29 Crore Trade Figure

Day 3

26.1 Crore Producer Figure

26.25 Crore Trade Figure

Day 2

20.37 Crore Producer Figure

20.1 Crore Trade Figure

Day 1

32.67 Crore Nett  or 41.5 Crore gross Producer Figure

32.65 Crore Trade Figure

Spider-Man: No Way Home Budget

Spiderman’s total Budget is $ 200 Million or 1522 Crores.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Screens

Spider-Man: No Way Home is releasing in 3264 screens pan India with all Imax screens

Spider-Man: No Way Home Worldwide Box Office

Spiderman has the second-best opening day of all time of $121 Million including $ 50 Million in previews after Avengers Endgame and ahead of Star Wars the Force Awakens. Spiderman has opened at $253 Million in USA and $334.2 Million in overseas for a $587 Million opening weekend worldwide which is third biggest opening weekend worldwide ever. It is only behind Avengers endgame and Avengers Infinity war to be the third biggest Hollywood movie ever.

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