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Spider-Man – No Way Home (English) Movie Review | Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movie review lives up to the expectations – Bollywood News in Hindi

The next film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe i.e. MCU, which has been very happy so far, Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally been released in theaters this week. So will Spider-Man: No Way Home be able to entertain the audience, let us know.

Spider-Man: No Way Home begins with Spider-Man’s identity being revealed. The world has learned that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is Spider-Man. Now he has to overcome the trouble being caused by this. Peter enlists the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help. How Doctor Strange helps Peter Parker and what new challenges lie ahead, one has to watch the entire movie.

Spider-Man: That Way Home Lives Up to Expectations. A gripping first half and rapidly progressing to the second half, keeps the audience hooked to the seat. For the past few weeks, there has been a debate among the media and fans about whether Spider-Man: No Way Home will be able to entertain the audience, so the film lives up to the expectations. Spider-Man has surprised the audience. Regarding the story of the film, the angel level of some will be doubled. The film will see something that has not been seen before in Marvel or any other film. The climax and post credits scenes also add to the fun of the film as well as increase the excitement for Marvel’s next film.

Director Jon Watts has done a commendable job in retaining the comedy, emotion from the previous MCU films. The director has kept the film light, fast and entertaining with a lot of action packed humorous breaks at crucial junctures.

Talking about the acting, there are many characters in the film, but here we will talk about some of the selected actors who contributed completely in making the film a blockbuster. Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Marisa Tomei have given brilliant performances in their respective roles. Tom Holland deserves special praise for his portrayal of the inner turmoil of his character. On the other hand, Jon Favreau didn’t get that much chance to shine. Despite being a brilliant actor, Favreau is treated as a side role. Jacob Batalon as Ned has done a commendable job as Peter Parker’s best friend and comic interlude.

Spider-Man – No Way Home (English) Movie Review: Tom Holland's Spider-Man is a movie worth watching

Coming to the music, Michael Giacchino has done full justice to the visuals that kept the audience hooked. The CGI and VFX work is excellent and has left no stone unturned to make a great film. The dialogues deserve special praise. One-liners are funny and some of them will be welcomed with applause and whistles.

Overall, Spider-Man: No Way Home is definitely a movie worth watching. From superheroes for kids to pioneering the next phase of the MCU, Spider-Man has certainly come a long way. At the Indian box office, due to the huge hype and historical advance bookings, it is expected to have the biggest opening of the year as well as lifetime collections. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that it is being called BLOCKBUSTER everywhere.



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