Shah Rukh Khan slapped by a women in delhi to mumbai train known king khan unknown facts in hindi | When the woman slapped Shahrukh Khan in a packed train, read interesting anecdote

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, has been ruling the hearts of the audience in different ways for the last 29 years. Be it the romantic hero avatar of Shahrukh, or the role of a mad villain in someone’s love, Shahrukh has never disappointed the fans. For his fans, it is enough to have Shahrukh in any film. Today his fans are present not only in India, but in every corner of the world.

Shahrukh became everyone’s inspiration

It was not easy for Shahrukh to decide this journey. Despite being from a non-film background, Shahrukh is where he is today, he is indeed an inspiration to everyone. Even when Shahrukh had moved from Delhi to Mumbai, perhaps he himself would not have known that in the coming times, he would also be called by the names of Bollywood superstar, Badshah and King.

Interesting was the journey from Delhi to Mumbai

Shahrukh’s initial journey from Delhi to Mumbai was also very interesting. The train that he had taken from Delhi at that time, after reaching the Borivali area of ​​Mumbai, becomes like a local train.

Shahrukh was traveling in that train with his friends. According to reports, during this time a woman came in the same berth. However, Shahrukh gave her a place to sit there.

The woman was furious because of this

It is said that King Khan, respecting that woman, allowed her to sit there, but did not give space to her husband who was with her. On this the woman got so angry that she slapped Shahrukh and said, ‘Yeh sab ki train hai, anyone can sit anywhere. Big came with reservation.

shahrukh khan was surprised

With this slap, Shahrukh Khan started trying to understand a little more that what happened here. After this he sat quietly in one corner of the seat and kept thinking about what a wonderful welcome he had received as soon as he came to Mumbai.

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, completes 29 years, wrote an emotional note for the fans

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