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Pagalpanti Movie Review | Full of brainless comedy, this film leaves disappointing film reviews – Bollywood News in Hindi

Masala comedy films are still liked by a large audience. But, surprisingly, there are very few directors at present who can do justice to such films. Anees Bazmee is one of those people who have enthralled the audience with films of this genre over the years. And now once again Anees Bazmee has come up with one such masala-comedy film – Pagalpanti, which hit the theaters this week. So does the multistarrer film Pagalpanti is able to win the hearts of the audience with its madness or does it fail in its endeavor. Let’s review.

Pagalpanti is the story of three unlucky men who wreak havoc in the underworld. Raj Kishore (John Abraham) is astrologically very inauspicious. Wherever he goes, unlucky comes with him. He joins a public mercantile bank in India and on the first day of his job, he learns that Neeraj Modi (Inamulhaq) has fled the country by stealing Rs 32,000 crore from the bank. Because of this Raj loses his job. He then moves to London where he befriends two brothers, Junkie (Arshad Warsi) and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat). He convinces both the brothers to invest money in the fireworks shop. But here too Raj’s bad luck comes ahead and his shop catches on fire. Raj then woos Sanjana (Ileana D’Cruz). He then betrays her and her maternal uncle (Brajendra Kala) who has a lot of money starts a delivery company with Junkie and Chandu. Here too Raj, Chandu and Junkie cheat and run away. After this they reach the palace residence of Raja Sahib (Saurabh Shukla). His daughter Jhanvi (Kriti Kharbanda)’s birthday is being celebrated here and the expensive car is her gift. Unfortunately, when the car is pulled off the track, the car is damaged. The cost of that car is Rs 7 crores and to recover the cost of the car, Raja Saheb’s brother-in-law WiFi bhai (Anil Kapoor) gives the three of them a job where they will get Rs.10-10 lakhs per member. Raj, Junkie and Chandu work happily ever after, not realizing that their work could prove fatal for them. Junk and Chandu are given the task of tasting the food to ensure that the food of Raja Sahib does not contain poison. Raj is asked to sit in Raja Sahib’s car so that if anyone tries to attack Raj becomes the first victim. Later the trio learn that Raja Saheb has enmity with brothers named Tulli (Zakir Hussain) and Bulli (Ashok Samarth) and that is why they are so protected. After this, what turn the film takes, it is known only after watching the whole film.

The story of Anees Bazmee, Rajeev Kaul and Praful Parekh is full of craziness and also quite cliché. Still, it could have been a good film had the script been good. Anees Bazmee, Rajeev Kaul and Praful Parekh’s screenplay is sadly disappointing. The writing in the first half is plain lazy, it’s repetitive. In the second half, this film becomes the bhelpuri of many films. Anees Bazmee’s dialogues are quite funny but in the absence of a tight script, these one-liners don’t make the desired impact.

Anees Bazmee’s direction is weak. He has done a pretty good job before but this film doesn’t even stray near that. The script of the film is not that funny but still it could have been a little bit entertaining if it suits the genre. But sadly, he has added many absurd things in the film. In a crucial scene, the characters suddenly turn patriotic and it is embarrassing to portray them.

As the title of the film is Pagalpanti, so mindless comedy is expected from this film. And the first scene gives its indication because the opening scene is full of madness. The jokes used in the film are not funny at all. On the contrary, there are some scenes that really bring laughs like Junk and Chandu being forced to taste the food and Raj finding out why he was driving Raja Saheb’s car and Raja Saheb himself. No . Neeraj Modi’s entry is bang on. Looking at the intermission point, it seems that something good will happen in the second half. But in the second half the exact opposite happens. From here the makers and writers have given a horror touch to the film which proves to be counterproductive for the film. It seems as if the makers are trying to cash in on the success of horror-comedy films Golmaal Again and Stree. Apart from this, the final scene of the film is also reminiscent of Anees Bazmee’s 2007 film Welcome. After this, the makers are simply Andaz Apna Apna. [1994] He picks up a dialogue from which the whole film collapses.

John Abraham is fine but there seems to be something missing. For a change, he is trying his hand at comedy films, but for this he should choose a film that gives him a chance to excel. Arshad Warsi looks quite entertaining as always. Pulkit Samrat tries his best, but fails to deliver the performance that his character demanded. There are some funny scenes on Anil Kapoor’s part but the weak writing frustrates him too. Saurabh Shukla is fantastic. Brijendra Kala is also brilliant. Talking about the actresses, Kriti gets Kharbanda to play an interesting character with whom she does justice. Ileana D’Cruz is strictly fine. Urvashi Rautela’s entry is quite late and she is barely seen in the film. Talking about the supporting cast, Inamulhaq is very good and his role suits him. Jameel Khan (Panditji) has a pivotal role and is relatable. Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain and Ashok Samarth are on top. Jiten Mukhi (Mehul Choksi), Naresh Sharma (Raja Sahib’s wallet) and Raja Sahib’s driver (Kanchan Pagare) are fine.

The music of the film is fine. ‘Tum Par Hum Hain Atke’ comes suddenly but it is foot-twitch. ‘Valla Valla’ is well picturized but the song is not good. The film gets worse after ‘Bimar Dil’. ‘Thumka’ seems to have been added forcibly. The title track is played heavily in the background. Sajid-Wajid’s background score is better. Neeraj Modi theme works well.

Sunil Patel’s cinematography is apt. Durgaprasad Mohapatra’s production design is eye-catching. Pradyuman Kumar Swain’s action is not so memorable. The costumes of Anushka Tughneet, Sanam Ratansi, Kshitij Kankaria, Shamnaaz Parakh, Rahil Raja and Himanshi Nijhawan are very glamorous and sexy, especially worn by girls. The VFX of NY VFXWaala and Final Post is sloppy, especially with regards to the lion scene. Prashant Singh Rathore’s editing is nothing special.

Overall, Pagalpanti fails to generate the expected laughs due to weak writing and repetition of jokes. This movie is only for those people who like brainless entertainment.



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