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Nayanthara forays into the world of beauty and skincare retail, starts The Lip Balm Company

Foraying into the world of beauty retail, Southern superstar Nayanthara has joined hands with renowned dermatologist Dr. Renita Rajan to launch The Lip Balm Company. On the way to become the world’s largest lip balm collection, The Lip Balm Company is a beauty brand backed by solid expertise and science, courtesy of Dr. Rajan. Nayanthara and Dr. Rajan hope to add the ‘fun’ to the ‘functionality’ by making lip balm a part of everyone’s daily lip care routine.

Nayanthara stepped into the world of beauty retail

Offering over a hundred lip balms, The Lip Balm Company is a sustainable brand. With gender neutrality becoming increasingly popular, The Lip Balm Company is gearing up to create lip balms for all genders. Speaking about The Lip Balm Company, Dr. Renita Rajan said, “Started as a project to treat sensitive lips, and evolved into a standalone product line, to create the perfect lip balm. Lip Balm Not only are lips able to plump, lift, soften, brighten and smoothen, but interesting neurocosmetics can also give a feeling of wellness and generate chemicals in the brain that can improve mood, and enhance the characteristics of lips. Using lip balm is a healthy daily habit, and our lip balm can prove to be an essential daily habit.”

It is this uniqueness that attracted Nayanthara, who was looking for a product that went beyond the ordinary, for her foray into the cosmetics and personal care product sector.

Launching The Lip Balm Company, Nayanthara said, “I believe in no compromise when it comes to my skincare and product usage. The key aspects I always look for in my personal care products , they are high performance and safety. These are the values ​​that we have incorporated into the DNA of The Lip Balm Company. For me, joining hands with Dr. Rajan in this area was an immediate decision. Right after first picking up TLBC lip balms After all, I knew I had to do it! We’re really proud of this creative range of lip balms, which is bound to resonate with people who are looking for something extraordinary, just like I do.


Along with the resulting high functionality of a dermatologist-crafted product, the fun part is the huge range of products, each with interesting and unique ingredients. There are product lines dedicated to repairing and thickening lips. The product range is made from marine elements, biodegradable and herbaceous plant derivatives, and the product is housed in recyclable wood. Insulation keeps product safe and effective without adding preservatives, so all product lines are preservative free. Similarly, there are no added artificial colors, most products are made from minimally processed natural raw materials, with the original color intact. The product range named Edhaaz and Niram represent pure plant extracts and naturally colored lip balms respectively. With over 12 categories, The Lip Balm Company™️ expects new variants to be unveiled every week or so throughout the coming year.

The initial launch variants are based on the goodness of calendula in apple and chocolate flavours, belonging to the Lip Repair range. The Lip Balm Company has a unique line of tea-based lip balms called Oh-Tee.



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