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Movie Review: Wajah Tum Ho | Waja Tum Ho movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

With the year 2016 almost coming to an end, Bollywood has seen almost every genre of films so far. Waja Tum Ho, which released this week at the box office, is a thriller genre film. Will this film become a reason for the happiness of its makers and will become a source of earning or not, let’s review.

The reason is you, the fight between money and power has been shown to be done with love and feelings. The film begins with the horrific murder of a corrupt police inspector Ramesh Sarnaik. Apart from his brutal murder, the entire murder ‘episode’ gets telecast on GTN (Global Times Network), whose chief executive is Rahul Oberoi (Rajneesh Duggal) who is extremely influential. The story of the film moves forward, and now there is the entry of an honest Inspector Kabir Deshmukh (Sharman Joshi) who has been appointed as the investigating officer of this case and he leaves no room for any suspicion in this case. Since this entire murder was telecast live on GTN channel, so Kabir suspects that Rahul might be doing this for the TRP of his channel. On the other hand, Rahul Oberoi’s case is fought by a highly capable legal head Lasya (Sana Khan). Meanwhile, Siya falls in love with lawyer Ranveer Bajaj (Gurmeet Chowdhury) who helps Kabir in every complicated matter. After all the hiccups and twists, Kabir thinks that he has been able to solve the murder case, two more people get murdered on the same lines as ACP Sarnaik did. To be the best ‘legal brains’

Despite this, the case gets worse. Then after that, the matter gets more complicated. Who were those two people who get murdered in the same way and why, what happens later in the love story of Lasya and Ranveer, and whether Kabir Khan can solve this case successfully, all this is known only after watching the film. runs.

The screenplay of this film (Vavshal Pindya, Sameer Arora) which is entertaining in parts. Its unexpected thrills and thrills not only enhance the screenplay but also enhance the mood of the film. The dialogues (Rajmam Vavarag) of the film are simple and clear without any heavy terminology. Immediately, some cheesy dialogue comes to the fore. Although people will find the film lacking in humor, still a little bit of humor can be found in many places (without any specific purpose and situational) according to the need.

After directing films like Hate Story 2 and Hate Story 3, Vishal Pandya is back with a stellar film like Wajah Tum Ho. In Wajah Tum Ho he has managed to deliver the espionage thriller story of a madsar mystery well. Instead of talking twistedly, Vishal Pandya gets into the subject of the film from the very first scene. The grip of the film sets the mood in Sahaha and gives a momentum to the film. The film starts slipping in the second half (specially in the last 20 minutes) otherwise the film is superb. The suspense of the film remains intact till the thrilling situation. The revelations will force decades to speculate about the main mastermind behind all the murders. Although the reason you are does not compel you to slip from your seat, but it generates a curiosity. Vishal Pandya not only to create the growing suspense of the film but also to execute it decently

Also full numbers are given out of the whole.


Coming to the acting, the film rests on the un-capable chin of the absolutely credible Sharman Joshi, who is the lifeblood of the film. After playing a decent role in the film 1920 Lendan (which was released earlier this year), Sharman Joshi has once again showcased his stellar performance in Wajah Tum Ho. While on one hand he shows his mettle as a police inspector, on the other hand he also does full justice to his character as a loving and caring single lady. And the beautiful self-confident Sana Khan walks with her keel-ke-kean. After doing a forgettable role in Jai Ho, Sana Khan makes a comeback with a poised and dignified performance in Wajah Tum Ho. Despite having good and convincing screen presence, Sana Khan needs to rework her styling and body if she wants to become a Bollywood movie star. Rajneesh Duggal whose last film (Beiimaan Love) didn’t do well at the box office, all the hopes of Rajneesh Duggal and his fans must be pinned on Waaan Tum Ho. Rajneesh Duggal does not disappoint at all with his faqdar in Waaaaaaaaaaaar Tum Ho. He delivers modest performances and does full justice to what is expected of him in the film. Gurmeet Chowdhury has done a wonderful and very important job in Wajah Tum Ho. They should do even more challenging roles to join the Bollywood race. His chemistry (mostly in the songs) with Sana Khan is decent. Though the entire film rests on the hands of the above mentioned actors, the rest of the cast help in taking the film forward.

The film’s excellent music (Lamthoon, Albhajit Vaghani, Meet Brothers) adds to the film. Songs from the film like ‘Dadal Mein Chuppa Luinga’ and ‘Dadal Ke Paas’ have already become a rage. The scenes in the film only complement the songs. It seems like the song ‘Mahi Ve’ has been forcefully inserted in the film. The background score of the film is taut and complements the film.

Good cinematography (Prakash Kutty) gives energy to the film, editing (Manish More) is good. The film could have been made a tighter filler.

Overall, Wajah Tum Ho is a good espionage thriller film with a lot of sex action, masala and entertainment value.



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