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Movie Review: Tumbbad | Tumbbad movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

Barring a few horror films, the rest of the films have disappointed the audience to a great extent. Among the horror genre films there are also period horror films. Vikram Bhatt made some horror films like 1920 [2008] and Haunted 3D [2011] . And this week Anand Gandhi and Soham Shah have brought a horror film Tumbbad. It is a period horror film based on the pre-independence era. So will Tumbbad be able to scare the audience, or will it fail in its endeavor? Let’s review.

Tumbbad is the story of a man who wants to get lots of gold coins. When the universe was created, 160 million gods and goddesses were given birth in it, the goddess of prosperity, symbolizing unlimited food and gold. Devi loves her first child – Hastar. But Hastar wanted to take all the food and gold in his possession. Hastar got the gold but when he went to assert his right over the food, other gods and goddesses attacked him. Before he was completely destroyed, the goddess of prosperity saved him by keeping him in her womb but on one condition – that no one would worship him and he would be forgotten. Several centuries later, the residents of Tumbbad village in Maharashtra built a temple in Hastar’s honor and the village was cursed after that. It became a village where it started raining again and again. The story begins in 1918. Here Kishore Vinayak lives with his younger brother Sada and his mother. His mother is the mistress of the government of the village where Hastar’s temple is located. Vinayaka and are always illegitimate children. Sarkar tries to get that treasure from Hastar but his efforts go in vain and he gets only one gold currency. The government dies. Always dies after falling from a tree. After this Vinayak’s mother leaves Tumbbad village with Vinayak with that gold currency forever. But 15 years later, in the year 1933, Vinayak (Soham Shah) returns to Tumbbad in search of the entire treasure. Here luck favors him and he comes to know of a way by which he can get all the treasure. But in the meantime he gets only a few gold coins. Vinayak sells these gold coins to the local moneylender, but the moneylender is very concerned that where does he get these coins from and he too gets involved in getting these gold coins, so that he can get a license for his opium business. be able to obtain The story after this is known only after watching the entire film.

The story of Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve and Anand Gandhi is unique and unconventional. Such a story and setting, Tumbbad could have turned into a game changer film. But Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve and Anand Gandhi’s screenplay does not allow this to happen. But some incidents are portrayed in a subtle way, they could have been avoided. The dialogues of Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve and Anand Gandhi are simple and not that memorable.

Raahi Anil Barve’s direction is a bit weak and he fails to do justice to the story. The biggest problem with his direction is that things are not explained well in some places. For example, who was the first person to memorize Hastar and how did that person know about him, especially when he did not mention it anywhere in the scriptures? The climax of the film catches your attention but once again, a question arises, why such a turn came.

The opening minutes of Tumbbad should not be missed at any cost. The complete legend of the village and Hastar is explained here and it would be most damaging to miss this moment. This film is divided into three chapters. The first part of the film, which deals with Vinayak’s childhood, is quite disturbing and unnecessarily full of bloodshed. It doesn’t bind at all. The second chapter is a bit better, though a lot is left unfinished in it. The intermission point is well shot and the film starts getting better from the second half onwards. The womb scene immediately after the start of the second half leaves an indelible impression. The third chapter of the film is excellent, especially in the final scene. But the way the makers leave some questions unanswered, it leaves the audience quite disappointed.

Sohum Shah gives a great performance. His dead expressions, dialogue delivery and eyes work a bit like magic and work very well for this role. Anita Det (Vinayak’s wife) is quite good and leaves a mark in few scenes. Ronjini Chakraborty (Vinayak’s mistress) gives a good performance, especially in the scene where she meets Vinayak’s son. Mohammad Samad (Vinayak’s son) is very good and dominates in the second half. Jyoti Malshe (Vinayak’s grandmother) is fine and her make up is sure to scare many viewers.

Ajay-Atul’s music does not show anything amazing. Only one song, which is the title song, is played at several turns in the film. Jasper Kidd’s background score though is brilliant and gives it an international feel. Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography is superb and one of the best of the year. The local areas of Maharashtra are beautifully captured. Filmgate Films AB’s VFX is quite good and gives no reason to complain. The production design of Nitin Jihani Choudhary and Rakesh Yadav is particularly commendable in the womb scenes. The makeup of Serina Mendonka Teixeira and Shrikant Desai and the prosthetics of Dirty Hands and Studio Hash are worth watching. Parvez Shaikh’s action is good while Sanyukta Kaza’s editing is smooth.

Overall, Tumbbad is a film based on a unique concept but its disjointed story spoils the whole fun. It will be challenging for this film to woo the audience and hence it will not be able to show anything special at the box office.



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