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Movie Review: Soorma | Soorma movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

Someone has said, “The will is like a muscle: the more you train it, the stronger it gets.” Yes, perhaps as easy as it is to say, the more difficult it is to do, especially when the whole Tell the world not to give up or try. But there are some people who, bypassing all these things, make the impossible possible on the strength of their strong will. And one such person is hockey player Sandeep Singh, who was crippled by an accident, but due to high spirits, he again stood on his feet and played for the country. And based on his story, the film Soorma, which released this week, is an inspirational biopic of Sandeep Singh. So will director Shaad Ali be able to tell a thrilling story with such an inspiring story or will he fail in his endeavour? Let’s review.

Soorma is the unbelievable story of Sandeep Singh, his debut in the world of hockey, his accident and his return, which left everyone stunned. Sandeep Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) lives in the village of Shahabad, Punjab with his elder brother Vikramjit Singh (Angad Bedi), father (Satish Kaushik) and mother. In childhood, he takes hockey training under hockey coach Coach Kartar Singh (Danish Hussain). But Kartar’s tough attitude forces Sandeep to quit training in hockey. But then when he is young, his love for hockey awakens again as he falls in love with the female hockey player Harpreet (Taapsee Pannu). Harpreet is a very good hockey player and hence he decides to play hockey again to woo Harpreet. Meanwhile, Sandeep’s brother Bikramjit Singh (Angad Bedi) has never given up hockey and has the potential to play for the national team. But he is not able to get selected. He returns home disappointed but is overjoyed to learn that Sandeep can easily do the dragflick, one of the most difficult hockey skills. Bikramjeet then takes Sandeep to Patiala so that he can be coached by coach Harry (Vijay Raaz). Without losing time, Sandeep joins the national team. Along with this, Sandeep also gets a job in an airline company. Harpreet also agrees to marry her. But all this is shattered in a jiffy when Sandeep is traveling in the train and the police accidentally shoot him in the back due to which he falls into a coma and when he regains consciousness, his lower leg The part becomes paralyzed. Needless to say, after this accident he is not fit to play hockey again. What happens after this, it is known only after watching the whole film.

Shaad Ali’s story is very promising and inspiring. But Suyash Trivedi, Shaad Ali and Shiv Anant’s screenplay fails to do justice to it. It slows down a bit in the first half but at the same time, many scenes during this period are very well written. But in the second half it runs very fast and does not leave any impact. Suyash Trivedi, Shaad Ali and Shiv Anant’s dialogues are witty, sharp and funny, especially the dialogues by Vijay Raaz.

Shaad Ali’s direction is inconsistent, where the first half is more or less well executed but the second half disappoints. After the interval, he rushes into telling the story. And at this juncture, he fails to do justice to the romantic track, which looks lovely in the first half. Also hockey is a sport but it is not as popular as cricket. Therefore, it was necessary to take care that the general public understands the hockey scenes that are being shown. But it doesn’t happen. Some scenes were not explained very well. For example, why Chairman Saab (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) is called back is not properly explained. A film like Soorma should have ended with a punch. But the final match between India and Pakistan is completely bleak.

Soorma is a bit weak film and it makes sense right from the beginning. But still the audience does not get disappointed as there are some cute and dramatic scenes in the first half of the film which keep your interest for the film. One of the most interesting scenes of the film is when Bikramjeet realizes that Sandeep is a very good dragflicker and is later surprised that he has such a rare skill. Vijay Raj brings laughter with his funny one liners. The film’s interval takes place at a surprising turn. But alas, the film keeps falling apart from the second half. The process of Sandeep getting back on his feet and back on the field should have been the high-point of the film. But the shocking thing is that director Shaad Ali shows this whole process inside a song which completely reduces its impact. And the reason for this is that even today Chak De India is in the minds of people. [2007] Which has set a benchmark for a film based on hockey. Soorma is not even close to such an iconic film.

Diljit Dosanjh saves the film to a great extent. When he romances with his girlfriend, he looks very cute and wins the hearts of the whole of India. But when he is the victim of an accident, he is heartbroken. He is worth watching when he has a fight with his brother outside his house. Taapsee Pannu has played a very interesting character but sadly after a while her role doesn’t seem that strong. Talking about the performance, she is quite good in her role. Agand Bedi has played a supporting role but he suits his character. Vijay Raj dominates the entire film. Some of his dialogues are laughable, especially in single screen. Satish Kaushik (Gurucharan) plays his role honestly. Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Avtar Singh (Mahavir Bhullar) look cute. Danish Hussain is very nice. Jimmy Moses (Lobo Joseph) hits a few overs. The original Bikramjit Singh appears in the film as the villainous Pakistani player Tanveer Alam and he fits in the role. Others take their roles very seriously.

The music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is forgettable. ‘Soorma Anthem’ sounds like an anthem but it was not used properly. ‘Ishq Di Bajiya’ is a very cute song but played in many scenes. ‘Flickr Singh’ and ‘Pardesiyan’ are strictly OK while the song ‘Good Main Di’ is well shot and choreographed. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Tubby’s background score is dramatic. Chirantan Das’s cinematography is a bit disappointing. Some scenes could have been shot better. Sharmish Rai’s production design is authentic and the same goes for Eka Lakhani’s costume design. Farooq Hundekar’s editing could have been better mainly in the second half.

Overall, Soorma is a promising storyline but the poor execution doesn’t make the film impressive. The film may struggle at the box office due to low publicity. The film should do well in North India as compared to other places.



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