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Movie Review Simmba | Movie review of Simmba comes with strong roar – Bollywood News in Hindi

Telugu film Temper is my favorite film. The memory of this film is still fresh in my mind. This is totally entertaining. The strong performance of the film’s lead actor Jr NTR made the film even better. Hence, expectations are high from its Hindi remake, Simmba, which releases in cinemas this week.

Rohit Shetty has to live up to the expectations for a variety of reasons: one, he is coming together for the first time with Ranveer Singh…second, he is yet again with the cop drama…and of course, anyone who has seen Temper, he Will compare the two closely.

Rohit has taken the essence of the film from Temper but Simmba in a big way. [खासकर सेकेंड हाफ़ और क्लाइमेक्स के दौरान] Made in your own way. Positively what eventually unfolds on screen is quite different.

Without going into the full story, here we are the first to tell you about the short story of the film :- Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba [रणवीर सिंह] A dishonest police officer. Once shifted to a different city, that omen [सारा अली खान] and the two fall in love.

While Sangram’s, Aakriti, a medical student teaching poor children [वैदेही परशुराम] Good bonding also happens with . While teaching, Aakriti learns that her students are being used by a powerful person, Durva. [सोनू सूद] the brothers [सौरभ गोखले और अमृत सिंह] for drug peddling.

Akruti reaches the pub where illegal activities are taking place and tries to record it all on her cellphone, but she is caught doing so. What happens next after this, it is known only after watching the next film.

First of all, Rohit Shetty and screenplay writer Yunus Sajwal [अतिरिक्त पटकथा लेखक साजिद सामजी] picked some clapping moments from Temper for Simba and decorated them in his own way. The essence of the story is retained, but it has adapted to the tastes of audiences across India.

No one can deny that Rohit Shetty is the current Manmohan Desai of Hindi cinema. Their funds are very clear: and that is to provide entertainment on a large scale. Simmba also has a powerful message that stays with you after the film’s conclusion.

Simmba is an enjoyable film in the first half. Few scenes and funny one-liners [फरहाद समजी के संवाद] Definitely going to make you laugh and laugh. The film becomes emotional after the interval and then you miss the fun of the film which you felt in the first half. But the issue raised in the second half needed seriousness.

As I said at the very beginning, Rohit and his writers approach the story in a completely different way with a completely new conclusion and those who have seen Temper will feel the difference. In my opinion, the courtroom sequence and the climax scene of the film take the film to the best level.

Ranveer Singh is the lifeline and soul of the film. And I must say that he proves that he is an all rounder who plays various characters with great ease with great ease. Simmba will surely increase his fan following manifold.

Sara Ali Khan takes the lead in her debut film Kedarnath as well, though she doesn’t have much to do in the second half. Sonu Sood gives a great performance. If the villain was not as strong as the hero, Simba would have stumbled. Sonu has matched his performance every time with Ranveer.

Simmba has a huge supporting cast, but here I would like to name some of the supporting actors who made the film shine with their stellar performances. Ashutosh Rana is exceptional. His salute scene will be honored with thousands of applause and whistles. Siddharth Jadhav is unique. Vaidehi Parshuram is wonderful. Ashwini Kalsekar is brilliant. His dialogues in the climax will be applauded. Ganesh Yadav and Ashok Samarth [वकील] Plays his role well. Saurabh Gokhale is shocked. Sarita Joshi is fine.

Simmba has several cameos, including Golmaal Again Gang [अरशद वारसी, तुषार कपूर, श्रेयस तलपड़े और कुणाल खेमु] , Ajay Devgn will be introduced by whistling and clapping and his performance will surely be appreciated. And then with the cameo of Akshay Kumar, the audience gets a big treat once again.

The soundtrack matches well with the mood of the film. ‘Aankh Maar’ is already a chartbuster, while ‘Aala Re Aala’ leaves you speechless with its execution. The background score deserves special mention, especially the theme fusion of Singham and Simmba. Jomon T John’s cinematography is flawless. The action sequences are lively and attention-grabbing.

Overall, Simmba is definitely a great film and there are no doubts about it. The film will take a storm at the box office. Surely, the year 2018 will end with a roar.



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