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Movie Review: Secret Superstar | Secret Superstar movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

It is 2017, but still it is not unusual to see that many people do not have the freedom to even dream of their choice. Secret Superstar, helmed by debutant director Advait Chandan, tells such an extraordinary story and showcases an extraordinary talent that is undeniable – one that is bound to unfold one day.

Aamir Khan’s production is special. The reputed production house has made several films over the years. The expectations from Secret Superstar are clearly very high. Does it live up to those expectations? Does Advait elevate Chandan as a skilled storyteller? Let’s focus on those points: Secret Superstar is one of the best movies of this year and there are no doubts about it.

Secret Superstar depicts the story of an aspiring singer who faces many difficulties in fulfilling her dreams. insia [जायरा वसीम] There is a school going girl based in Vadodara. She has a melodious voice and dreams of being a top singer. his mother najma [मेहेर विज] Supports Insia’s dream, but her father Farooq [राज अर्जुन] Due to his conservative mindset, he is strongly against this idea. He does everything possible to stop Insia’s dream from being fulfilled, breaking Insia’s guitar. But Insia remains firm on her intentions.

Insia takes the help of internet and posts her singing videos on internet. To hide her identity, she posts a video of herself wearing a burkha in which only her eyes are visible. She gets shocked when her videos go viral. now shakti kumar [आमिर खान] Who is a flamboyant, sensual but also successful composer, enters.

Secret Superstar starts off in the best possible way. Many scenes of the film make you laugh and many scenes make your eyes moist. Actually you go through many emotions in 2 hours 30 minutes. In today’s times, when certain segments of the audience demand fast-paced films with a runtime of less than 2 hours or 2 hours, Secret Superstar is neither fast-paced nor pulled-its pace. Absolutely perfect.

The characters are presented neatly and the narrator remains faithful to the material. Even after the end of the film, some moments remain in your mind. Eg: Father’s presence shakes you up and you can feel tense…the 20-25 minutes just before the end is the best and makes you stand up crying. Also, one of the golden moments of the film is the focus on the mother-daughter relationship…the bond of friendship between Zaira and Teerth, her school friend, is very sweet.

Advaita has handled the subject with great sensitivity. The film not only reflects the conservative attitude present in our society but also comments on women empowerment. The screenplay is simple, while the dialogues are very simple and interactive.

Any flaws? Not really, except that hard work could have been done in the middle of the second hour. Just!

Zaira wins your heart with her stellar performance. She looks great in Secret Superstar. This is definitely great to go ahead with after your stellar performance in Dangal. Her impulsiveness before the film’s climax or her speech in the final moment proves that she is a treasure trove of talent. Aamir is the catalyst for Zaira’s journey and plays a flamboyant, colorful character with great ease. He makes Zaira shine as he sees himself in the background. Still, it must be mentioned, only he could have played such a character with such confidence.

Meher looks great and her performance is one of the key factors that sets the character apart from excellence. Raj Arjun looks awesome. Tirtha has an important character and is very natural. Farooq Jaffer [बडी अप्पा] Looks great in an important role. Kabir Sajid [इंसिया के भाई गुड्डू के रूप में] Looks very cute.

soundtrack [अमित त्रिवेदी] The style of the film is superb and blends well. Among its songs, “Main Kaun Hoon” is the best, while ‘Meri Pyaari Ammi’ is the most adorable. cinematography [अनिल मेहता] is the best.

All in all, Secret Superstar is a complete film: a refreshing story, a strong and articulate screenplay, exceptional performances and a soulful soundtrack. You must see it!



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