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Movie Review: Rock On!! 2 | rock on!! 2 movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

It all started in the year 2008 when cinema lovers (especially youngsters) were introduced to a different creed and world of music through the film Rock On, directed by Abhishek Kapoor. And now after 8 years, the makers of the film have come up with a sequel titled Rock On!! 2 . what rock on!! 2 will prove to be a hit musical film at the box office or it will lose its strings, let’s review.

Rock On 2 begins with a voiceover storyline by KD aka the bang drummer aka Kedar Zaveri (Purab Kohli). Where the story of ‘Rock On’ ends, its sequel begins. Aditya Shroff aka Adi (Farhan Akhtar) settles down in Shillong to lead an isolated life as a ‘repent’ over some mistake. Here he finds great peace and here he does farming and runs a school for poor children. Although he works selflessly for the benefit of the farmers by doing farming, so it passes exasperating to the local government officer of that area. On the other hand, Joseph Mascarenhas aka (Arjun Rampal) becomes a successful entrepreneur and at the same time becomes a judge on a TV reality show. One day, on Adi’s birthday, the entire ‘Magik’ team comes to Shillong to surprise Adi. Instead of having an atmosphere of happiness on that day, there is an atmosphere of tension, anger, remorse and anxiety among everyone. Then one day, the ‘Magik’ team gets a struggling musician Uday (Shashank Arora) as well as Jiya Sharma (Shraddha Kapoor) as their new members. On the day of the performance, Jiya decided not to go on stage due to fear.

and is unable to perform on stage because her father opposes Western music. On the other hand, Adi adopted a village in Shillong which gets burnt in a forest fire. And a corrupt government official gets trapped in Shillong, the welfare assistance given by the central government to the farmers affected by the fire. And this shocks Adi and Adi and his band plan to organize a rock concert to highlight the plight of the helpless villagers in Shillong. What was the reason behind the never-ending guilt of the Magik team, can Adi and his band members do the hard work like rock shows while their field officer is totally against them, can Jiya’s father help him? Can accept modern singing, and what was it that Adi was hiding from Jiya. All this comes to light only after watching the film.

When the promos of Rock On 2 were released, it brought back memories of the earlier Rock On. In fact, Rock On 2 sings a very different tune (in a literal sense) from the earlier film i.e. Rock On 2 is very different from the previous one. Firstly, the story of the film (Pubali Choudhary, Abhishek Kapoor) is headless. There are a lot of confusing things in the film that complicate it. Due to lack of a strong and solid story, the film is going in any direction without any direction. None of the characters in the film are well crafted or defined and hence they fail to build any emotional bond with the audience i.e. the film does not connect with the audience emotionally. As a result of this, the audience does not feel their sympathy or sympathy for any character. The film moves in such a hustle and bustle that the audience is not bothered by the movement on the screen. In an attempt to include many social issues in the story of the film, the writers of the film add many angles to the story in vain, such as the social situation of Northeast India, the gap between Indian music and classical music, father-daughter relationship. Relationship struggles, husband wife and even a stalker and his target. The film’s dialogues are pretty average without any amazing one-liners.


After trying his hand at advertising, Shujaat Saudagar made his Bollywood directorial debut with Rock On 2. Without breaking the words, it has to be said that he failed to present a believable story. He had no idea of ​​the story to take the characters forward. Many lead characters have moved on in their lives and have been forcefully brought in for the sequel. Shujaat Saudagar definitely has a long way to go as far as storytelling in a feature film is concerned.

Talking about the acting in the film, the film is completely focused on Farhan Akhtar. He tries his best to drag the film but at one point he too is seen leaving everything. Farhan’s character in the film is so delusional that he actually needs a therapy instead of a guitar. Mind you, we are not kidding when we say this. Rock On 2 focuses only on the character of Farhan Akhtar, who is perpetually confused and that too… for no credible reason! His character in the film becomes hopeless and illogical, that even his on-screen wife (Prachi Desai) refuses to take it any further. Arjun Rampal, on the other hand, is completely vain in the film and looks completely disinterested in the film. It is a matter of great regret because Arjun Rampal received the National Award for Rock On

Was . Purab Kohli tries to bring out some genuine emotions, but, he finds less space to show it all and all his efforts fail. On the other hand, Shraddha Kapoor got lost in the film. She can never hold back her poorly written character Jiya, who is just moving around in the film. All of this combined to make Rock On 2 a mess. Other actors like Shashank Arora, Prachi Desai, Shahana Goswami and Kumud Mishra barely made their presence felt in this confusing script.

With Rock On 2, people expect it to have an amazing music (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) album with chartbuster songs. Sadly, there isn’t a single song in the film that you can remember until later. The pace of the film is so slow that even the music of the film does not help in that. The background score of the film is musically average.

The cinematography (Mark) of the film is average, the editing (Anand Subaya) could have been stronger.

Overall, Rock On 2 has no story, good music and no entertainment value. With its slow storyline, limited promotions, note ban by the government, the film will be a box office failure.



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