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Movie Review: Paltan | Paltan movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

It is always fascinating to know about that chapter of history which is forgotten when it holds a very important place in history. Airlift in the past [2016], neerja [2016] And the recently released film Gold, which presented the heroic examples of the country before us, was seen and all these films were well received by the audience. This week filmmaker JP Dutta, who is known for making war films, has brought in the film Paltan. border [1997] and LoC: Kargil [2003]After bringing Paltan, JP Dutta has hit a hat-trick of his favorite subject and has given the audience another chance to be proud of the soldiers of his country. So does Paltan succeed in filling the audience with enthusiasm? Or does it disappoint? Let’s review.

Paltan depicts the story of a military conflict between India and China in 1967. This was the time when Sikkim was not a part of India. China wanted to grab it at any cost for strategic reasons but due to international pressure, they could not make their intentions public. But still, at the Nathu La border in Sikkim, some skirmishes take place to intimidate the Indian soldiers. The story of the film begins with the 1962 Chinese attack on Nathula Passing. Due to which 1383 of our jawans were martyred. Thousands were injured and missing. After which at the behest of Sagat Singh (Jackie Shroff) on the border, under Lieutenant Colonel Rai (Arjun Rampal), Major Harbhajan Singh (Harshvardhan Rane), Lieutenant Attar (Luv Singha), Captain Prithvi Dagar (Gurmeet Choudhary), Major Bishan Singh ( Sonu Sood) and Havildar Parashar (Siddhant Kapoor) start guarding the border. The task of guarding the Nathula post is given to Bishan. There are frequent small and fat fights with the Chinese army. Later, due to the making of fencing, the matter starts increasing. Meanwhile, the story continues in flashbacks and presents. Because of which everyone remembers their family. A war breaks out and eventually a result comes out, which you will have to watch the film to know.

The story of JP Dutta is based on a real life incident and he tries his best to make it authentic. JP Dutta’s screenplay is captivating. Despite the repetitive scenes, the audience does not get bored at all. JP Dutta’s dialogues are simple and sharp. But there are a lot of famous quotes by artists every few minutes.

JP Dutta’s direction is the best. Often, filmmakers who shone in the 80s and 90s are not able to keep up with the times, the recent example being Anil Sharma, who directed Genius, but JP Dutta takes care of that and Makes sure that today’s audience is equally interested in the film. And at the same time he has retained his sensitivity. However, he should not have increased the pace of the film so much, and should have ignored scenes like Border. But he has shot the war scenes in a very good way. , He has also taken care that the audience feels the tension at the border.

Paltan is two and a half hours long but takes a long time to set the mood. The war begins in the middle of the second half and this is where the film really shines. Before this, too, there are moments that win hearts. The most heart-wrenching scene comes at the beginning when a postman telegrams door-to-door and then learns that a member of his family has been martyred in the 1962 war. The manner in which the postman has distributed the telegram and the sound of crying is heard in the background is shocking. After this the story shifts to 1967, and then the film begins to tie. But it is repeated. There are many sequences of Chinese soldiers arguing with Indian soldiers. It is interesting to watch but gives a border-like feel. Although the battle scenes are without any complaints. The heroic battle scenes will surely deserve applause and whistles. Apart from this, seeing the scene of family members receiving the remains of soldiers will fill your throat with sorrow and tears.

Jackie Shroff is seen in a supporting role in the film and does a good job. It is a bit difficult to understand some of his English dialogues in the beginning. Arjun Rampal plays the role of the Chief Officer in charge of the border very well. The way he shows aggression, but also knows when to restrain himself, is quite impressive. Sonu Sood looks very natural and adds a lot to the film. Gurmeet Choudhary leaves an indelible mark with his humour, anger and his romantic side. Harshvardhan Rane also delivers a scintillating performance and is quite a fit as the angry young Sardar. Both Gurmeet and Harshvardhan deserve the most praise and whistles in the final scene. These two young actors get a chance to show their true potential in this film. Siddhant Kapoor’s role is small, but he makes his translator’s character memorable. Luv Sinha is fine but shows his best in some important scenes of the second half. Abhilash Chowdhary and Nagendra Chowdhary have very little scope to do. Rohit Roy (Major Cheema) is doomed. Coming to the actress, Monica Gill (Harjyot) gets maximum scope after Dipika Kakar (Fiancee of Captain Prithvi Singh Dagar), but both of them suit their respective roles. Esha Gupta (wife of Lt Col Rai Singh Yadav) is rarely seen while Sonal Chauhan (wife of Major Bishan Singh) appears only for a few seconds in a song.

Anu Malik’s music is not of the chartbuster kind but works for the film. The title song of the film is average and ‘Raat Kitni’ is a force to be reckoned with but somehow works. ‘I am alive’ creates the most impact. Sanjay Choudhary’s background score is dramatic and adds to the excitement.

The cinematography by Nigam Bomzan and Shailesh Awasthi is captivating and has captured the local beauty very beautifully. However, in terms of authenticity, the film seems to lack a bit as they try to recreate Sikkim in Ladakh even though the geographies of the two regions are quite different. The production design of Amrish Patanjali and Dayanidhi Paturajan is very real. Mao Zedong’s giant billboard makes an impact. Sham Kaushal’s actions are very dangerous and make the battle scenes very realistic, while he also avoids bloodshed. Ballu Saluja’s editing is decent. Although in some places the VFX could have been better.

On the whole, Paltan not only makes the audience aware of the lost chapter but also entertains in its portrayal. Even though there was not much buzz about the film, the post-watching appreciation of the film by the cine-lovers will surely work for the film.



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