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Michael Jackson has been a huge inspiration for today’s artists. Tiger Shroff is one of those actors who never hesitated to talk about his love for the late Pope star Michael Jackson. And so taking him in this film is a tribute to Michael Jackson. And at that very moment, it feels great to pay respect to Jackie Shroff as Tiger in Mumbai Ki Teen Batti, where Jackie once spent his time. But apart from Tiger’s action stunts, all these elements manage to make Munna Michael a fun film, let’s review.

Munna Michael tells the story of a Michael Jackson fan from the streets of Mumbai whose life changes when a beautiful girl comes into his life and he meets a gangster from Delhi. Munna (Tiger Shroff) has always been a fan of Michael Jackson. He doesn’t take it lightly, no matter how much people annoy him. During one such bone-breaking action scene, he comes into contact with Mahinder (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a brutal Delhi gangster. When Mahinder learns that Munna is a born dancer, he asks her to teach herself to dance and help her become a pro-dancer. Munna agrees to it even though he does not want to. Soon Munna learns that Mahinder actually wants to learn this dance to impress a beautiful aspiring star Dolly (Nidhi Agarwal). Trouble starts when Munna falls in love with Dolly and Dolly also falls in love with her. How Munna is able to balance his love for Dolly and his friendship with Mahinder is only revealed after watching the film.

The film begins with how Munna Michael gets his name. The childhood part, though seems unrealistic and gives the feel of La La Land, and brings with it a smile on her face. Tiger’s entry in the film is expected whistle-worthy and so is his intro song (Main Hoon). Mahinder’s entry in the film’s story and his dance lesson with Munna takes the film to a different level. Trouble starts in the film when Dolly enters. There is no problem with this character but for some reason, the film moves into an unreal zone from here. The film has a highly fragmented and cliched plot. Cinematic freedom reaches its height at the end of the film. Watch it to believe it!

The writing of the film is the biggest weakness of the film. It seems the screenwriter (Vimmy Dutt) didn’t get much after a point and then took a clichéd stance and wrote a predictable story. Action, dance and a little bit of romance are seen in the first half of the film, and after that it turns into drama in the second half and reality shows take place in it. Vimmi’s dialogues are good.

It is commendable that director Sabbir Khan makes masala films at a time when more and more filmmakers are jumping into the race for realistic cinema. Also, watching Tiger and Nawazuddin together is a masterstroke. But the action on screen is insensitive. In between, there are some scenes that are fun, the action sequences will excite the audience and the songs of the film will make you shake legs. However, a great script could have helped to tie all these elements together to make an entertaining masala film.

On the acting front, Tiger Shroff looks smart and doesn’t show much of a jump, which he is famous for. He dances like a superstar and pays tribute to Michael Jackson very well. Tapori style is seen in his character and he plays it well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is looking superb. Nawaz always plays his magic by playing any character well and this film is also no apnaad. His dialogue delivery and comic timing are perfect and bring the much needed spice to the film. And yes, he dances very well. Although people wanted to see Nawaz dancing with Tiger, but that doesn’t quite happen. Nidhi Agarwal looks very beautiful and very confident on screen. Her performance is good, more or less, but her dance could have been done better, especially when she was featured as the most popular dancer in a reality dance show. Apart from this, there are some scenes where she gets lost and does not look well. Pankaj Tripathi (Bali), who is known for his performances in arthouse films, does a decent job in this masala film setup. Ronit Roy (Munna’s father) has a great entry scene. He delivers a superb performance, however, later on, he goes to the extreme. But it’s nice to see him in a positive character for a change. Chitrangada Singh, Farah Khan, Ameesha Patel and Shenaz Treasury fail to make their cameos memorable.

The songs are entertaining and well placed. The song “Main Hoon” comes immediately after Munna’s entry, the song is foot-tapping. Both the versions of ‘Swag’ have been shot very well. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score is good and has a ‘filmy’ touch.

The cinematography of Hari’s Vedantam plays a big role in making the film look stylish. Editing by Manan Sagar is crisp. Rajat Poddar’s production design and Ganesh Acharya’s choreography are captivating. The action sequences of ANL Arasu and K Ravi Varma are enjoyable.

On the whole, Munna Michael has a presence but loses out due to weak writing. However, fans of Tiger Shroff will be very happy to see his dance and action sequences. At the box office, the development of the film will depend orally.



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