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Movie Review: LoveYatri | LoveYatri movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

The state of Gujarat in India has many colors in itself, but surprisingly, very few films have been made against the background of this state in Bollywood. Out of these films, most of the films based in this state have failed to do justice to this quality. Only a few movies like Kai Po Che [2013], rich [2017] and recently released friends [2018] captured the essence of this city well in his film. And now releasing this week, Aayush Sharma’s debut film Loveyatri, in which Gujarat is the focus of the film, promises to show the state in the best possible way. Apart from this, the film also beautifully depicts Navratri, the most popular festival of this state. So, does LoveYatri succeed in entertaining the audience or does it fail in its endeavor? Let’s review.

Loveyatri is a love story that unfolds over the course of nine days. Sushrut alias Susu (Ayush Sharma) is a boy living in Vadodara, Gujarat. Susu, who is weak in studies, teaches Garba to the children of her neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Manisha aka Michelle (Warina Hussain) who is originally from Vadodara but lives in London with her father Sameer aka Sam Patel (Ronit Roy), a wealthy businessman. Manisha is a very educated girl and is about to take admission in a reputed business school. A day before Navratri, Manisha comes to Vadodara with her father and is betrayed by a family member. Manisha goes to Navratri celebrations with her family and friends where she meets Susu. Seeing Manisha, Susu is unable to control herself and at the behest of her maternal uncle Rasik (Ram Kapoor), he tells Manisha that he has fallen in love with her. Manisha also starts liking Susu. When Sam learns of their romance, he tries to change everything. Susu gets into a fight with Manisha. But then Susu realizes her mistake but by then Manisha has left for London. What happens after this, it is known only after watching the rest of the film.

The story of Niren Bhatt is very simple. There are many interesting characters in it and they are set in a very unique way. But the author does not use them well. The biggest conflict that arises between lovers is insignificant but it always remains to resolve the misunderstanding. However, Niren Bhatt’s screenplay is engaging and entertaining. Despite the fact that there are not many fight scenes in the film, the script keeps the audience hooked. Nirren Bhatt’s dialogues are very good. Some of them are reminiscent of WhatsApp forward messages but work well keeping in mind the theme and perspective of the film.

Abhiraj’s Meenawala’s direction is quite clean and simple. This is his first debut in the field of direction but he proved that he knows his job well.

LoveYatri starts off well with the Grand Hero entry. His world is set up very quickly and so is Manisha’s. The scene where Susu sees Manisha for the first time may sound a bit improbable but it definitely works. Susu’s various interactions with her fellow Negative (Pratik Gandhi) and Rocket (Sajel Parekh) and Rasik Mama are quite fun. Along with the laughs, the film also depicts some tender, romantic moments between Susu and Manisha. But the best scene comes in the first half where Sam takes Susu on a big swing ride. This is quite dramatic. The showdown at the high end restaurant and its aftermath, the interval comes at a crucial juncture. Things get even more interesting in the second half as Susu tries to go to London by all means. Once he reaches London, the fun increases even more though nothing is too high in the climax.

Aayush Sharma gives a confident debut. There is definitely a spark in Aayush which motivates him for a successful career. He dances amazingly and most importantly, he does a great job in the fight scenes. Warina Hussain looks very beautiful but the biggest thing is that she is not just a show piece actress in the film. She has a very important character in the film and she does full justice to it. The scene is worth watching when she talks openly in front of her mother. Ram Kapoor is the ‘jaan’ of this film. His characterization and performance are such that give a decent momentum to the film. The scene in which he talks like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, this scene is sure to get a lot of applause and whistles. Ronit Roy’s Gujarati accent and performance are outstanding. Prateek Gandhi does a lot of comedy in the film while Sajel Parikh also contributes a lot in the comedy. Kenneth Desai (Hari, Susu’s father) is fine. Manoj Joshi (Natu Kaka) is very good but he doesn’t have much to do. Arbaaz Khan (Jignesh) and Sohail Khan (Bhavesh) look cute.

The music in this film is of chartbuster type and is used very well in the film. The title song is quite good, whereas, ‘Chogadha’ comes at a crucial juncture. ‘Dholida’ and ‘Rangtaari’ are very foot-tapping songs. ‘Ankh Lad Jaave’ gives a luscious feel and the song ‘Tera Hua’ is quite melodious.

Sanchit Balhar and Ankit Balhar’s background score is dramatic and commercial. Jishnu Bhattacharya’s cinematography is excellent and captures the essence and colourfulness of Navratri. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography is quite engaging and adds a charm to the film. The costumes of Manish Malhotra, Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Ashley Rebello are very attractive. Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty’s production design is simple and realistic. Ritesh Soni’s editing is quite neat.

Overall, Loveyatri, with its chartbuster music, which is its biggest strength, is a colorful film to give a good experience. It is a clean entertaining film that has the power to attract the youth and the family.



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