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Movie Review: Golmaal Again | Golmaal Again movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

Many comedy films have been made in Bollywood, but genre films like horror comedy are rarely made in Bollywood. Bhool Bhulaiyaa was such a rare attempt and was well received. Recently, there was a similar film with Great Grand Masti Horror but it was more of a sex comedy than a horror comedy. Tutak Tutak Tutiya, too, did not get awareness due to poor marketing campaign and got beaten up badly as expected. And now the makers of Golmaal Again have taken up the challenge of giving the audience a combo of laughter and horror. So can it give fun to the audience? Or will it fail to impress? Let’s review.

Golmaal Again is the story of five friends who encounter strange things when they visit their orphanage. Gopal (Ajay Devgan), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman Prasad Apte (Shreyas Talpade) and Laxman Sharma (Kunal Khemu) are orphans who grew up in an orphanage owned by Jamnadas (Uday Tikekar). As children, they were close to each other but then they became rivals. Gopal and Laxman Prasad Apte parted ways while Madhav, Lucky and Laxman Sharma went on their way. When they all grow up, they start working with the land mafia and their job revolves around clearing the lands.

This creates more bitterness between them. But when they learn that Jamnadas is dead, they forget their differences and decide to go together to the orphanage in his honor. They live in Colonel Chauhan’s (Sachin Khedekar) bungalow, located near the Jamnadas Orphanage, where their childhood friend Anna (Tabu) also lives. Anna has a special power – and that she can talk with the dead. At the Colonel’s bungalow, Gopal gets attracted to the caretaker Damini (Parineeti Chopra). Meanwhile, Vasu Reddy (Prakash Raj), a builder and a close friend of Jamnadas, announces that Jamnadas had handed over the land where the orphanage is located. He also says that he has decided to shift the children to Bengaluru where they will provide them better facilities. Gopal is a ghostly man and he starts seeing the soul of Jajmanadasa’s dead daughter (Ashwini Kalsekar). The truth, however, turns out to be different when the five friends find out, and it takes them by surprise. One has to watch the entire film to know what is that truth last, and what happens next in the film.

Golmaal Again is quite different from the previous Golmaal films, not only because of the horror elements. There is far more drama in this film, there are emotional moments that one would expect. Although it more or less works, some scenes lack punch, especially in the second hour. The film’s first half hour is 1.30 long and includes a little bit of comedy, madness and horror. One of the high-class scenes of the film is how Gopal, Laxman and Lucky become haunted and start speaking like Nana Patekar. It will surely make you laugh with laughter. There are other funny scenes where the five friends fight with each other for samosas. But the best comes during the interval – and from here the film takes a different level. The second half gets a bit serious though the scene of Pandu (Vrajesh Hirji) is laughable. The climax is handled quite well but the audience may have different ideas as the audience enters the theater thinking of such films only and thinking only comedy, which is just fun and not something serious.

Rohit Shetty’s story is interesting and a bit complicated due to so many characters. But all are very well threaded. Yunus Sajwal’s screenplay does justice to this complex story. The horror of the film will not scare the audience. But so much so that, it is not even improvised or even amateur. The balance it maintains between these is certainly commendable. However, some scenes are taken from the previous Golmaal films, especially Golmaal 3, although some viewers do not like it, as the jokes are repeated. Farhad-Sajid’s dialogues are funny and bring laughs. But surprisingly, in some places it disintegrates. This is especially felt in the early parts of Babli (Sanjay Mishra). Rohit Shetty’s direction is interesting and it is good to see that he is trying something different. Note the flashback scene in the second half, when the main character is killed and is shown in black and white. There is another scene where Lucky, Madhav and two Lakshmans are reading diaries while Gopal is fighting with the dolls. These scenes are very well shot and show that Rohit has developed a lot.

Ajay Devgn delivers a stellar performance and he does the job, though it’s not something he hasn’t done before. He does quite well in some drama scenes in the second half. An important character of Parineeti Chopra from the very first scene and creates mystery around her character which is quite funny. She looks beautiful and does a good job. Arshad Warsi looks great in his evil avatar. Tusshar Kapoor impresses with his silent act and as mentioned above, he wins hearts in the scene where he gets ghosted. Shreyas Talpade leaves an impression with his fluency which contributes to laughter at many places. Kunal Khemu gets a little lost in the crowd, but still, he gets a chance to showcase his skills. Tabu is restrained and she plays her modest acting very well. Neil Nitin Mukesh is very good in his negative part. This role suits him very well. Prakash Raj plays the character of Khulnayak well and his comic timing is superb. A scene where he dances like a madman, you will surely love it. Johnny Lever also performs well and adds to the entertainment. His speech during Jamnadas’s thirteenth is very funny. Sanjay Mishra is funny but only in some places. Vrajesh Hirji repeats his act but he is fine. Mukesh Tiwari, Ashwini Kalasekar, Murli Sharma, Sachin Khedekar, Uday Tikekar and Vijay Patkar are good in their cameo performances.

The music of the film is strictly average. The title track is exciting and so does the song ‘Maine Tujh Ko Dekha’. ‘Hum Nahi Sudharhenge’ is good while ‘Itna Sannata Kyun Hai’ plays during the end credits. Amar Mohile’s background score brings life to the scene, especially in the post-interval scenes. Bunty Negi’s editing is nothing special, Jomon T John’s cinematography is satisfactory. Sunil Rodrigues’ action and Rohit Shetty’s action design wins hearts though there is nothing new in them. All this has been seen in Rohit Shetty’s earlier films. Apart from this, the car flying and blast scenes of Rohit’s films are missing from this film. The production design of Swapnil Bhalerao, Tajmul Sheikh and Madhur Madhavan is very well done and deserves attention. NY VFXwall’s visual effects are impressive.

Overall, Golmaal Again is a perfect fun film that provides enough entertainment without any logic. Totally entertaining film, which will definitely lift the festive mood. The film emerges as a hit at the box office, though the actual testing of the film will begin on Monday.



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