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Movie Review: Force 2 | Force 2 movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

This year was the name of the sequel films. And this year’s list of sequels include Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive, Housefull 3, Rock On 2, Kya Kool Hai Hum 3, Ghayal Once Again, Raaz Reboot and MSG: The Warrior Line Heart and Vidya Balan. Starring upcoming movie Kahaani 2. It wasn’t enough that this week the film Tum Bin 2, which is a sequel to the 2001 hit film Tum Bin, released along with Force 2. Will Force 2 pull the audience at the box-office window or will it collapse, let’s review.

Force 2 is an all-out RAW agent and cop action drama film, both of which are associated with the same mission but with different motives. The film begins with a series of murders of three important Indian RAW agents in China. These murders not only shock the Indian RAW wing but also create panic among the suspects involved in this crime and then their agenda is to find out the secret behind the murders. In the midst of all this, he learns that behind all this is a Khabri (informant/leak of news) at the Budapest Embassy, ​​who is leaking all important information to the Chinese government and why he is doing this only to him. Only know. RAW officials entrust this task to Kamaljit Kaur aka KK (Sonakshi Sinha) to uncover this news. She becomes an agent of RAW and during this time she gets involved with Yashvardhan aka Yash (John Abraham), a hardened police officer of the Mumbai Police Department. Yashvardhan kills his best friend (Freddie Daruwalla), who

Gaya seeks to avenge the death of one of the three main RAW agents, and so he joins KK on that mission. In the midst of their mission to find out the news, the many arduous tasks undertaken by Yash and KK, it becomes very difficult to uncover the news. Just when Yash and KK think they have solved the case, a shocking incident happens that closes the possibility of unsolved mysteries. What was that incident that shook Yash and KK, what was such a thing that escapes from the eyes of Yash and KK and it becomes a mystery in the future and how will they solve this mystery,

When the promos of Force 2 were released, it had a glimpse of exciting action sequences as promised. And in that aspect, Force 2 doesn’t let you down in the slightest. While the mouse-cat-chasing game has been seen in many movies so far, it is felt that there is nothing new in the story of Force 2 (Parvez Shaikh, Jasmeet Klein). But what makes Force 2 different from the rest of the film is its unexpected twists and turns and that too unexpected twists and turns. These twists and turns keep the audience engrossed in the film till the end. Force 2’s screenplay (Parvez Shaikh, Jasmeet Klein), apart from keeping the audience glued to their seats, ensures that there is not a single dull moment in the film. However, the film lacks romance and music, which are an integral part of masala films. The climax of the film could have been more interesting.

While the film Force was directed by Nishikant Kamath, Force 2 is directed by Abhinay Dio. After making his directorial debut with Deli Belly and then directing the game and then 24 series, Abhinay Dio is definitely the thriller.

No one is new to the film. In addition to doing justice to carrying forward the Force’s legacy, the acting also lends itself to its uniqueness in Force 2. The film picks up pace in the first half itself with its thrilling action sequences that last till the interval. But it loses its speed in the second half. But overall the film runs at a brisk pace and there is not a single dull moment to watch which makes you fall asleep. The acting as a director of Force 2 has done a splendid job and the tightness can be clearly seen in the 2-hour film without wasting any screen time. Although all the scenes in Force 2 are very enjoyable, there are some selected scenes that should not be missed at any cost and they are John’s introduction scene, the chase scene during the first half of the film, the film’s intermission moment, and The film’s unexpected mystery (which comes in the form of an accident) completely changes the course of the film.


On the acting front, the film rests entirely on the strong shoulders of John Abraham. After the success of the recently released action packed film Dishoom, John Abraham returns with an action packed performance in Force 2. In Force 2, the role of John seems to be exactly like him, who has now become an action god. On the other hand, after doing bold action sequences in her previous film Akira, Sonakshi Sinha is good for her role of a RAW agent in Force 2. She suits with John Abraham on screen. which appears in the film. Sonakshi Sinha not only complements the character of John Abraham in Force 2 but also walks shoulder to shoulder with John in the film. Unlike the typical Bollywood heroine, Sonakshi has a strong character in Force 2 who makes the goons see the stars in the day. Tahir Raah Bhasin, who made his film debut as a smooth villain with Mardaani

Starting his career, Force 2 also firmly maintains his villainous image. Although he does his job extremely well in Force 2, he should also choose different roles in the future, or else he might end up stuck in a similar image. The rest of the cast helps in taking the film forward.

True, it doesn’t need any chartbuster songs to pull off the story of a film of this genre, Force 2 doesn’t have a single song forced into it except a club song. Force 2’s music (Amaal Malik, Gaurav Roshin) is improvised, while it is the film’s terrific background score (Prasad Sashte) that holds the film tight.

Cinematography (Imre Juhaz, Mohan Krishna) of the film is best. On the other hand, the editing of the film (Amitabh Shukla, Sanjay Sharma) is honest and the film is devoid of any dull moments. Special mention to the film’s action/stunt director (Franz Spielhaus), who from right from the start put in a wholesome punch of nonstop action. The highlight of the film is its breath-taking action sequences that will captivate the audience of both, multiplex and single screen.

Overall, Force 2 is a thrilling action thriller film that is a perfect amalgamation of passion and strength. The film will be appreciated by the audience at the box office. But the lack of chartbuster songs and romance in the film can spoil the fun of the film. All in all, Force 2 is a movie worth watching!



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