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Movie Review: Bhoomi | Bhoomi movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

After the shocking Nirbhaya gang rape in the year 2012, a major section of the society started taking women’s problems more seriously and shed a new light on it. Due to this Bollywood has made many films on this subject. After Pink, Matri and Wax which have been showing serious issues in recent times, Sanjay Dutt has now brought this serious issue with his comeback film Bhoomi. So will this film turn out to be an entertaining film or will it fail in its purpose, let’s review.

Arun (Sanjay Dutt) is a widower living in Agra, who single-handedly raised his daughter Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari). Neeraj (Siddhant Gupta), a capable boy, likes Bhumi and Bhumi also likes him. Arun is happy with this pair. However, Vishal (Puru Chhibber) who is Bhumi’s neighbor also loves Bhumi. He confesses his love to Bhumi a few days before her marriage. An angry Bhumi slaps him. Vishal tells his cousin, Evil Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar) about his troubles. He instigates her to kidnap Bhumi and then rape her. Vishal does the same. But not only he, but Dhauli himself and his henchman (Veer Aryan) also rapes Bhumika. Arun’s world is shaken when he comes to know about this news. How Arun avenges the rape of his daughter Bhumi, it all comes to light after watching the rest of the film.

The death knell, penned by Sandeep Singh, shown many times in Bollywood, is nothing new. Raaj Shaandilia’s screenplay is timeless filled with conservatism. The land suffers from two major problems – firstly, it is too late. The audience has already seen all this in Kaabil, Matru and Mom, these films also featured the story of rape and revenge. So the effect of land is reduced. Secondly, the film takes a long time to turn into a revenge drama. The story is so slow, drawn out and boring that nothing happens for the last 20 minutes until Arun starts taking revenge.

Raaj Shandiliya’s dialogues create the necessary impact, though only at a few places. Interestingly, the film is full of dialogues about women empowerment, progressive ideas, women’s safety, etc., but still, violence against women is shown in many important parts of the film.

Omung Kumar’s direction is very weak. He has used all Bollywood stereotypes and made the film extremely violent. In this story everyone is corrupt and the society is full of hypocrites. Three scenes are very well shot – when Sanjay Dutt brings new shoes for Aditi, the courtroom scene where Sanjay Dutt gives a heart-warming speech and one of the victims as a rape convict in different countries of the world. Sanjay Dutt’s telling about the punishment for

Talking about the acting, Sanjay Dutt looks quite strong and his emotions look genuine. As a helpless father and a powerful father, when he seeks his revenge in the final scene, he suits him well. The way his eyes are telling everything in the police station scene is commendable. Aditi Rao Hydari is quite decent in her character and was very impressive as a rape victim. You really feel him in the movie. Sharad Kelkar is the best of all the villains. He looks quite sane. Riddhi Sen (Jeetu) gives an effective performance and has a pivotal role in the film. Veer Aryan (Ghulam) has got less screen space but still he did well. Puru Chibber fits quite a bit as the rapist and at the same time as Arun’s helpless target. Shekhar Suman (Taj) goes in vain. Siddharth Gupta does well in his cameo.

Sachin-Jigar’s music is weak and has no scope. ‘Will You Marry Me’ played to give the opening credits just works. ‘Jai Mata Di’ is played to make the climax impressive. Sunny Leone’s item song ‘Trippy Trippy’ sounds forced. Ismail Darbar’s background score is strong.

Arthur Zhurawski’s cinematography is excellent. Vanitha Omung Kumar’s production design is authentic and rustic. Jayesh Shikharkhane’s editing is disappointing. The 135 minute long film should have taken 15-20 minutes to create the required effect. Javed-Ejaz’s action is extremely bloody and will take away the family audience.

Overall, the film Bhoomi turns out to be a good entertainer with a strong performance by Sanjay Dutt. The film will have to compete with other released films to garner its audience at the box office.



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