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Ever since the Yash Raj Films banner (YRF) was launched, every film of his is like a celebration. Aditya Chopra, who made his directorial debut with the blockbuster film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, has directed very few films but all those films have been successful at the box office. After eight years of directing ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’, Aditya Chopra directed ‘Befikre’ which hit the box office this week. So will ‘Carefree’ be a hit at the box office or will it become a concern, let’s review.

Befikre, which celebrates being bindas/befikre in love, is the story of a couple’s ups and downs and the realization of their love. The film begins with the same clichéd break-up scene, this breakup happens between Dharam Gulati (Ranveer Singh) and Shayra Gill (Vaani Kapoor). Dharam calling Shayra a ‘slut’ hurts Shayra the most, leading to a break-up between the two. The film progresses with the events taking place in flashbacks that provide a glimpse into their past and connect it with their present. The film moves into flashbacks where a carefree and young Dharam comes to Paris on the invitation of his friend, who gives him a job as a stand-up comedian at their nightclub. During a party, Dharam meets a tourist guide Shayra, a French girl of Indian origin. After a couple of casual encounters between the two, the strong-minded Dharam and Shayra decide to stay in a live-in relationship and vow not to say silly things like ‘I love you’, as it is the carefree life of both of them. will end it. Even when they break up with each other, they celebrate it too. All is well until the smart and educated Anaya (Arman Ralhan) enters Shayra’s life.

does not do . After some partying and meeting with Shayra, Anaya proposes to marry her. When Dharam comes to know about Shayra’s marriage, he surprises Shayra with the news of his marriage to the lady, Christine. What would happen after that, which changes the equations of everyone’s life. What happens that changes their lives, can Shayra and Dharam break their rules and say three magical words to each other, finally Shayra chooses between Anaya and Dharam, only after watching this film It shows .

When the promos of Befikre were released, the film looked like a kiss-fest, and the film’s promo did not reveal any secrets about the plot of the film. Befikre, a fresh story, comes out as an original piece. This film does not match at all with the French film ‘Love Bhi If You Dare’. The unusual concepts depicted in the film are a bit unfamiliar to the Indian audience’s interest and sensibilities, but Aditya Chopra has to be commended for his very novel portrayal of Befikre. Today’s youth will easily associate with this film but the traditional audience may find it a little difficult to digest.

The screenplay of the film (Aditya Chopra) is adult, fast paced, entertaining and goes much more than kissing scenes and Dare and Chhichhori One Night Stand. The description of the film is very strong. The things that make the audience cling to their seats are all the challenges of the film which each one seems more audacious and bolder than before (even if they are a part of a song and not an extended script). . Movie dialogues (Aditya Chopra, Sharat Katariya) all the time

Funny, romantic, mischievous, heartfelt and touching. And it will surely resonate with the audience (especially today’s generation). However, the French dialogue can act as a hindrance in some parts of the film.

After directing films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLG), Mohabbatein and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Aditya Chopra forays into direction once again with Befikre. For him, the film is a stark contrast from the DDLG days, where traditions and old age themes prevailed. It won’t be wrong to say that Aditya Chopra has completely revamped himself with Befikre, a fun entertainer with core Indian values. The film is about how you retain your ‘Indian-ness’ and is a global citizen in other countries and about finding the good in the cultural values ​​of other countries. All in all, Aditya Chopra gave me one more reason why he is one of the best story speakers in Bollywood today. The first half of the film is very lively and there is not a single dull moment in it to get bored while the second half is a bit defeated (when Anya is included in the story). But its erratic climax makes up for it all. These are some of the scenes that you absolutely must not miss and they are the pre-climax sangeet, Ranveer Singh finding corn flakes, Ranveer-Vaani and Armaan’s karako session.

On the acting front, the film rests on the strong shoulders of Ranveer Singh, who has once again proved himself in a new way with each passing film. Apart from Ranveer Singh’s perfect comic timing, his energy and freshness look very impressive on screen. After playing a serious role in his last historical film Bajirao Mastani, as far as Ranveer Singh’s character in Befikre is concerned, he is in it.

Playing the exact opposite character. He not only lives up to the title of the film but has done justice to every part of his character. His most important thing is that he is very different from other stars and believes in being only himself, and this is what makes him different from others. On the other hand, actress Vaani Kapoor, who started her Bollywood career with Shuddh Desi Romance, makes her presence felt on the screen with her ferocity and style. As far as Vaani’s performance in the film is concerned, she not only complements Ranveer Singh’s character but also walks shoulder to shoulder with him throughout the film. On one hand she is seen as very confident while she looks very hot. Vaani did not shy away from showing her body in front of the camera and flaunted her body with utmost ease. Armaan Ralhan is definitely the find of this film. The rest of the characters in the film help in taking the film forward.

The music (Vishal-Shekhar) of the film Befikre is in perfect harmony with the theme and spirit of the film. One thing is certain that there are half a dozen songs in the film, and due to their speed and timing (26 minutes), they fit well in the plot of the film. The songs of the film are one of the best songs of the year till date. The songs of the film ‘Nashe Di’ and ‘Ude Dil Befikre’ have already hit the masses. The film’s background score (Mickey McCleary) helps propel the film in a big way.

The cinematography (Kaname Onoyama) of the film is superb. The locations where it has been shot especially Paris is very nice. In other words, Befikre sounds like a great campaign for French tourism. The editing of the film (Namrata Rao) is very funny and explosive.

Overall, Befikre is an urban youth centric fun entertainer with a new age theme that will be appreciated by the youth. The film was well received and appreciated by the target audience at the box office.

Will go This topic may seem a bit bold and bewildering to a lot of people…but still it doesn’t look like it will be able to make any impact on the box office results. Surely this film will prove to be successful in every way.



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