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Muni series films garnered a lot of love among South cine lovers. The Muni series films directed by Raghava Lawrence not only garnered public appreciation but also achieved tremendous success at the box office. And it caught my attention when the Hindi remake of Kanchana was announced. The reason for which was Akshay Kumar. Because Akshay Kumar decided to play Laxmi, the Hindi remake of Kanchana which was played by Raghava Lawrence in Kanchana.

I have seen Kanchana twice and in fact, the tight script of the film won my heart. A somewhat different plot with a strong message made me want to watch it again. And when I saw Kanchana again, I had a lot of fun.

So now let’s talk about Lakshmi. Few questions before proceeding-

* Will Lakshmi be able to entertain you like Kanchana did?

* Will the character suit Akshay Kumar?

* How will the VFX be done? How will he harmonize the dramatic and emotional sequences?

* And most importantly, will Laxmi be able to make a proper balance of horror and comedy or will this be its lack?

Story of the film – Laxmi is the story of a man whose body contains the ghost of a transgender who was brutally murdered. Asif [अक्षय कुमार] Who is a very modern minded person who does not believe in caste and religion, falls in love with Rashmi (Kiara Advani). Due to the separation of religion, the family does not agree to the marriage, so both of them run away and get married. After 3 years of marriage, Rashmi goes to her maternal home with her husband Asif. There is a plot near Rashmi’s house which is said to be haunted by ghosts. Asif goes there and is captured by the spirit of the transgender ghost ‘Lakshmi’. Lakshmi’s aim is to take revenge. After this, the whole film will have to be seen for what the soul of Laxmi, who resides in Asif’s body, makes him do all the exploits.

Lakshmi Apni Original Tamil Film [कंचना] It is also not around, although keeping in mind the Hindi audience, many changes have been made in it from the original film. Laxmi’s biggest problem is its weak script. The comedy that is in the first half rests on that but that also doesn’t work in the favor of the film. When Sharad Kelkar’s entry in the second half, interest in the film awakens and the film picks up its pace. From here till the climax of the film, it remains better.

Horror tropes don’t make much of an impact. Ideally; Horror should be shocking but it has old school horror. Even in songs – especially in the first two songs [बुर्ज खलीफा सहित] who deserved the right placement.

Raghava Lawrence disappoints because of the writing. The writer tries to blend humor in the classic horror template, which he manages to beat. Previous horror-comedy hits such as Golmaal Again [2017] and woman [2018] did well due to the strong script. But unfortunately Lakshmi disappoints here.

‘Bam Bhole’ is clearly the best song in terms of choreography and perfect fit. The background score is in sync with the film while the cinematography captures the mood of the film well. VFX plays a key role in the film, which is good.

Talking about acting, without any doubt, the limelight of the entire film is Akshay Kumar. Akshay played the character who showed physical strength. He won hearts with his superb acting. Kiara Advani looks gorgeous but doesn’t have much to do. But the biggest surprise of the film is Sharad Kelkar. He is excellent in his character.

Apart from this, there are many actors in Laxmi like Rajesh Sharma, Manu Rishi Chadha, Ayesha Raza, Ashwini Kalsekar, Tarun Arora and Prachi Shah and all of them are strictly okay.

Overall Lakshmi lacks punch. People had high expectations from this film but it disappoints in a big way.



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