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Khuda Haafiz Movie Review | Vidyut Jammwal’s Khuda Hafiz’s film review is for action movie buffs – Bollywood News in Hindi

Vidyut Jammwal’s action drama film Khuda Hafiz released this week. Will Khuda Hafiz, directed by Farooq Kabir starring Vidyut Jammwal, manage to entertain the audience, or does it fail in its endeavor, let’s review.

Khuda Hafiz is the story of an ordinary man, whose wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances abroad. The year is October 2007, Lucknow based Sameer (Vidyut Jamwal), a software engineer, arranges marriage with Nargis (Shivalika Oberoi). Everything is going well but the problem starts as soon as there is a recession in the world. Sameer had to close his business. Even Nargis is thrown out of her office. Both look for jobs but fail. When no option is available, they lose and apply for a job in the Middle-Eastern country of Noman through an agent named Nadeem (Vipin Sharma). Nargis gets the job first and the very next day she is asked to leave for Noman. Sameer is apprehensive but Nadeem tells him Nargis will be safe there. Nargis leaves for the job alone but the next day she calls Sameer and feels sad. She cries and tells Sameer that this is not the job she was told for. Before she could say anything else, the phone hung up. Sameer gets upset and reaches Nadeem’s office with the police but he does not get anything there. Sameer immediately prepares to leave for Noman. Sameer immediately reaches Noor-as-Saba, the capital of Noman, where Nargis was asked for a job. Outside the airport, Sameer meets a kind-hearted taxi driver, Usman Ali Murad (Annu Kapoor) and asks him to take her to Nargis’s workplace address. Usman tells her that this address is wrong. Noor As Saba’s police also refuse to help Sameer. The only clue left with Sameer is the phone number from which Nargis called. How Sameer finds Nargis in an unknown city and the troubles he has to face during this time, it will be known only after watching the next film.

Farooq Kabir’s story is quite interesting and fit for a commercial film. Baaghi 3 starts 30-35 minutes [2020] Because in that too a member of the family goes missing in a Middle-Eastern country. But when Sameer Noman arrives, the film doesn’t look like Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 3. Farooq Kabir’s screenplay is catchy. The film moves at a great pace and focuses on the plot from start to finish. But somewhere it seems that this film is progressing very fast, due to which no one can emotionally connect with the characters of the film. Farooq Kabir’s dialogues are good.

Farooq Kabir’s direction is very good. On the positive side, the film moves at full speed. The film has many interesting and dramatic action moments that keep the interest alive. Despite the fact that the film deals with human trafficking and sex trade, the director has not made it dull and boring in the slightest. Also, no item song has been added to the film. On the other hand, many scenes in the film seem to be beyond logic – for example, the way Sameer manages to escape from the brothel and even from the airport, it seems irrational. Sameer’s final fight could have been better. In the end it will be said that the relationship between Sameer and Nargis should have been shown a little more to enhance the effect of the film.

Khuda Hafiz begins on a tricky note. Sameer is already in police custody on foreign soil and Sameer narrates his story to the Indian Embassy official during which the film goes on flashback mode. When love blossoms between Sameer and Nargis and how the two tie the knot, nothing is shown. The director soon comes to the point where Nargis leaves for Noman and how suddenly she disappears. Sameer reaches Noman and keeps trying to trace his missing wife. The film seems to be scattered in the second half but the film gets interesting during the finale.

Vidyut Jammwal plays the role of a common man and plays his character well. On the acting front, he suits his character and dabbles in emotional scenes. But in some scenes, he is not able to come out that much. Shivaleeka Oberoi doesn’t have much to do but her presence on screen feels good. Annu Kapoor looks amazing and very mature. Shiv Pandit leaves an impression with his stellar performance and accent despite his late entry. Aahana Kumra also looks good. Ikhlaq Khan is fine. Nawab Shah has played the role of the villain well. Vipin Sharma is dependable as always. Gauahar Khan, Shahnawaz Pradhan (Sameer’s father), Gargi Patel (Sameer’s mother), Mohit Chauhan (Nargis’s father), Suparna Marwah (Nargis’s mother), Rio Kapadia (ISA Commissioner Ali Azam Ghazi), Tamara Mirmasudova (Usman’s father) Wife) and Kyle Mushal (Sonia Singh; employee at the Indian Embassy) are fine.

Mithun’s music is nothing special. There is no scope for music in the film. Amar Mohile’s background score is quite good and exhilarating. The cinematography of Jeetan Harmeet Singh is superb and the various locations of Uzbekistan are captured well. The production designs of Bijon Das Gupta, Ranjit Singh and Prerna Kathuria are authentic. The costumes of Divya Gambhir and Nidhi Gambhir are attractive and suit the character. The action of Ivanov Viktor and Andreas Nguyen is very violent and bloody. The weak hearted should not watch this. NY VFXWaala’s VFX is decent. Editing by Sandeep Francis at Fast Speed.

Overall, Khuda Hafeez is a well-crafted action thriller film that works mainly due to the excellent performances, direction and screenplay by Vidyut Jammwal and Annu Kapoor.



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