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Jai Mummy Di Movie Review | The film review of Jai Mummy Di does not disappoint – Bollywood News in Hindi

Filmmaker Luv Ranjan has given many great actors to Bollywood and one of them is Kartik Aaryan. He also repeated the same starcast in some of his films which proved lucky for him. Pyaar Ka Punchnama is one of those films. After this, the star cast of Pyaar Ka Punchnama Karthik Aryan, Sunny Singh Nijjar and Nushrat Bharucha appeared in the 2018 film Sonu Ki Titu. And now Luv Films brings with you the Delhi flavored film Jai Mummy Di with Sunny Singh Nijjar and Sonali Saigal, which hit the theaters this week. So will Jai Mummy Di Luv Films prove to be a hit like the rest of the films or will it fail in its endeavor? Let’s review.

Jai Mummy Di is the story of two lovebirds whose mothers are each other’s arch enemies. Delhi-based engineering students, Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh) and Saanjh Bhalla (Sonali Saigal) fall in love. While Saanjh proposes to Puneet, Puneet also wants to settle down with Saanjh but is afraid of his mother. This is because Puneet’s mother Lali (Supriya Pathak) and Saanjh’s mother Pinky (Poonam Dhillon) hate each other a lot. Once upon a time both used to be good friends of each other and used to live nearby. And now the condition is that, both have become each other’s arch enemies. Puneet is afraid to tell his mother that he is in love with the girl of his mother’s enemy. In this affair, Saanjh breaks up with Puneet. She starts looking for a suitable groom for marriage and even agrees to marry Dev (Bhuvan Arora). Their marriage is fixed on 16 October at Diamond Hall in Noida. When Puneet’s mother Lali learns that Pinky has fixed her daughter’s marriage, she becomes jealous of him. She quickly searches for a girl named Sakshi for her son Puneet. Now Puneet’s marriage is also scheduled to be held on October 16, that too at Diamond Hall in Noida. At the same time, Puneet and Saanjh also feel that they cannot live without each other. So he decides to reunite his mothers. But when both fail in this, they secretly decide to get married. What happens next after this, it will be known after watching the next film.

Navjot Gulati’s story rests on a very fine plot. Which is a good idea and could have been made into an entertaining film. But Navjot Gulati’s screenplay proves to be the biggest culprit. There are many bad moments in the film which are badly written. Also, the flow of scenes is not smooth. Navjot Gulati’s dialogues also add to the negative impact. Barring a few one liners, no one makes that much impact.

Navjot Gulati’s direction is bad. The script was already messed up but he could have rectified it with his direction. But his direction is very bad. The film never goes on a high note nor does it sound like the funny it should have been. The climax is very cold as people think that there will be some big face-offs at the end and then patch up. The worst scene of the film is reserved for the climax and it completely spoils the effect of the film.

Jai Mummy Di begins in a strange way as the enmity between the two women is shown. This scene may look interesting on paper but nothing gives fun on screen. The song ‘Mummy Nu Pasand’ sparks interest in the film but after that the film again starts disappointing. Some scenes are horrifying. For example, why does Pinky shift to Ghaziabad, that too next to Lali’s house. There is a lot of lack of humor in the film. If there was another talented director or writer, he would have gone to any lengths to make both the lovers bring their respective mothers together. But the love birds of this film are barely seen making such an effort. The intermission point is also full of drama but this also does not work. Post interval, the film tests the endurance of the audience. Although the run time of the film is only 105 minutes but still it seems quite long.

Talking about acting, Sunny Singh suits her role. His acting is not that great but he does not disappoint with his role. Sonali Saigal flaunts her acting prowess. postmortem of love [2015] In this, she could not stand out among other actors but here her performance comes to the fore especially in the first half. She performs wonderfully. Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon are strictly okay. Shockingly, the film should have actually revolved around these two but they don’t get the screen space they deserved. Rajendra Sethi (Trilochan Khanna) and Danish Hussain (Gurpal Bhalla) are nothing special. Veer Rajwant Singh (Vineet) suits as Puneet’s brother. Alok Nath (Sanjog Luthra) goes in vain. It is surprising to see why he was in the film at all. Bhuvan Arora is the funniest part of the film. The actress playing the role of Sakhi is fine. Neeraj Sood (Jasbir Bhullar) is as good as ever. Nushrat Bharucha, Ishita Raj and Varun Sharma do well but their cameo comes at a time when the audience is bored with the film.

No song is worth remembering except ‘Mummy Nu Pasand Nahi’. ‘Lamborghini’ is played in the end credits. Hitesh Sonik’s background score is entertaining, but it doesn’t go well with the sequences.

Sanket Shah’s cinematography and Tarpan Srivastava’s production design are apt. The costumes of Jiya Bhagia, Arun J Chauhan and Mallika Chauhan are appealing, especially those worn by the lead actors in the various wedding scenes of the film. The editing of Dev Rao Jadhav and Chetan M Solanki is haphazard at many places and not organic.

Overall, Jai Mummy Di disappoints due to weak script, lack of direction and humour. At the box office, the film will struggle a lot to garner audiences as it has only a week’s time at the ticket window.



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