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Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Review | Film review of Kiara Advani’s cute performance film Ki Jaan – Bollywood News in Hindi

Dating app has become an important part of our life since 5-6 years. While someone’s experience with these dating apps was very bitter, someone got their life partner from these dating apps. And now Kiara Advani’s film Indu Ki Jawani, which released in theaters this week, reflects the issue of this dating app. Although the film shows many other issues apart from the dating app, that too in a comical style. So will Indu Ki Jawaani manage to entertain the audience, or does it fail in its endeavor? Let’s review.

Indu Ki Jawaani depicts the story of a girl on a dating app. At the Delhi-Ghaziabad border, the police try to stop a black Scorpio car at the check post but the people under the car refuse to show their identity and run away. They also shoot at a policeman. A police team led by Avinash Nigam (Iqbal Khan) sees the car outside a house. Terrorists are nowhere to be seen but police have found explosives inside. Soon the police start looking for the car, a Pakistani, and another person. Meanwhile, in Ghaziabad, Indira Gupta aka Indu (Kiara Advani) is having a tough time with her boyfriend Satish (Raghav Raj Kakkar). Satish wants to sleep with Indu but she is apprehensive. Later Indu agrees to come to his house at night but then changes her mind. So, a desperate Satish asks a girl from Indu’s colony, Alka (Lisha Bajaj), to spend the night with him, despite the fact that Alka is marrying someone else next week. Meanwhile, Indu’s best friend Sonal (Mallika Dua) ​​tells her that she should sleep with Satish. When Indu goes to Satish, she sees that Alka is in bed with Satish. After this Indu breaks up with Satish. At Alka’s wedding, Indu is adored not only by young boys like Kittu (Shivam Kakkar), but also by older men like Prem Chacha (Rakesh Bedi), Ranjit Chacha (Rajendra Sethi) and Pran Chacha (Chittaranjan Tripathi). Kittu mixes Indu’s drink with alcohol and this makes her dance like crazy. Because of this, his image gets tarnished in his neighbourhood. The next day, Indu’s parents (Rajesh Jais, Alka Kaushal) leave for Delhi for the admission of Indu’s brother Bunty (Harsh Sharma). He tells Indu not to do drama now. Indu, lying alone, accepts Sonal’s idea and uses a dating app. Indu would get Samar (Aditya Seal) on this dating app. After a brief conversation, Indu invites her home in the evening. The same day, he learns from Prem uncle, Ranjit uncle and Pran uncle that a terrorist from Pakistan is roaming in Ghaziabad. In the evening, Samar reaches Indu’s house. Samar becomes a complete gentleman. Indu tries to be intimate with her but panics. Just then, Samar’s passport falls from his jacket. Here he learns that Samar is Pakistani! She gets scared seeing this. What happens next after this will be known after watching the rest of the film.

The story of Abir Sengupta is captivating. The way he has brought together dating apps, prejudice, small town mentality, terrorism and the India vs Pakistan debate in a single film is commendable. Abir Sengupta’s screenplay is effective for most parts. However, the film seems to be stretched at some places. This is felt in the first half. It is already shown in the trailer that Indu’s match is with Pakistan. But in the film it comes just before the interval. I wish the first half of the film was a little tighter. Abir Sengupta’s dialogues are quite funny and add humor to the film. The dialogues of the Indo-Pak debate could have been shorter. Apart from this, the ‘Jhanda Gaad Diya’ dialogue comes every ten minutes which is disturbing later.

Abir Sengupta’s direction is neat. Sometimes his creativity is also visible. Also, the directors focus on how the neighborhood people in small towns are cultured and they work under the guise of being cultured. Though it is shown in the fun way in the film but it is true and this thing is well depicted in the script. On the contrary, the finale scene is thrilling but it could have been more interesting. The idea of ​​interacting action scenes with Jagrata shots just doesn’t sound right. Using surrogate brand names like FakeBook, Dender, Cafe Coffee Bay and Domato is laughable.

Indu Ki Jawaani begins on an interesting note, which makes it clear that Indu is concerned about her image and values ​​in the society. The animated opening credits are very well done. The first half proceeds at its own slow pace. Interest in the film awakens when Indu meets Samar. But when he comes to know that he is from enemy country, it is amusing to watch. At first it is nice to see both of them arguing about which country is better, but then it becomes too much. The last 20 minutes are quite thrilling. The film ends on a good and funny note.

Talking about acting, Kiara Advani looks very cute. As cute as she looks, she also gives lovely performances. It is amusing to see the way she stays angry throughout the film. This film will become a medium to showcase his acting skills and will prove to be very helpful in his further career. Aditya Seal doesn’t have much to do in the first half but his presence is felt later. He looks dashing and his dialogue delivery is amazing. Mallika Dua looks funny and best friend giving a lot of knowledge about men, sex and adult movies. Iqwal Khan leaves a very deep impression and deserves to be seen in more films. Raghav Raj Kakkar, who was loved for his role of ‘Karamchand’ in Scam 1992, is all right. Shivam Kakkar takes a short over.

The music is not of the chartbuster kind, but it is put to good use. ‘Haseena Pagal Deewani’ is foot-tapping. ‘Dil Tera’ is unique and honors Bollywood beautifully. ‘Single Ladies’ is played in the background, while ‘Heels Tut Gayi’ is played during the end credits. Neil Adhikar’s background score suits the mood of the film.

There is no dearth in Vasant’s cinematography. Priya Suhas’s production design gives a realistic touch to the film. Amin Khateeb’s action is short and not too violent. Sheetal Sharma’s costume is very attractive, especially the one worn by Kiara. Ajay Sharma’s editing could have been crisper but still, he does a decent job.

Overall, Indoo Ki Jawaani is a fun entertainer that is worth watching for its intriguing storyline, realistic setting, humor and lovely performances from Kiara Advani. Due to positive response at the box office, the film may garner maximum viewers in the coming weeks.



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