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Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review | Watch Ginni Weds Sunny’s film review for Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam’s scintillating chemistry – Bollywood News in Hindi

Cinematographers may not be so familiar with filmmaker Vinod Bachchan but he has made several rom-com films. Tanu Weds Manu [2011] It was one of these films that he produced. And now once again Vinod Bachchan has brought Ginni Weds Sunny. So will Ginni Weds Sunny, which released this week, be able to entertain the audience, or does it fail in its endeavor? Let’s review.

Ginny Weds Sunny, the story of a couple’s delusions and madness. Satnam Sethi aka Sunny (Vikrant Massey) lives in Delhi with his father Pappi (Rajeev Gupta), mother Rita (Maneka Kurup) and sister Nimmi (Majal Vyas). Sunny works with his father in his family’s hardware store. However, Sunny loves to cook and wants to start a restaurant named ‘Tilak Nagar Tandoori Nights’. Pappi makes a condition that Sunny’s dream will be fulfilled provided he gets married first. Sunny is interested in a girl named Sanya (Venus Singh), but when Sanya learns that he wants to marry her to fulfill his restaurant dream, she leaves him. In the same neighborhood lives Shobha Juneja (Ayesha Raza), a matchmaker. Sadly, she is unable to find a match for her own daughter Simran aka Ginni (Yami Gautam). Ginni is against arranged marriage. Sunny had a crush on Ginni during school time. When Pappi asks Shobha to find a match for Sunny, she tells him to have an affair with Ginni. Sunny gets ready. Shobha then tells Sunny how to win Ginni’s heart. Then one day Sunny learns that Ginni and Nishant Rathi (Suhail Nayyar) are still friends. While both had broken up 1 ago. But still Sunny does not give up trying. What happens next, it will be known after watching the next film.

The story of Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora is well known. But Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora’s screenplay is very entertaining. The writers have tried their best to bring some freshness in the course of the story to keep the interest going in the film. This is no easy task . As said earlier some sequences are predictable. The climax scene also gives a similar filling. Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora’s dialogues are hilarious, clean and very funny and add entertainment to the film.

Punit Khanna’s direction is clean and simple. The debut director has handled many scenes very well. The pace of the film is neither too fast nor too slow and the way Ginni and Sunny fall in love with each other, the scene is very organic. The writers have tried their best to make the story of the film unique. In contrast, a 125-minute long film could have been shorter by 5 to 10 minutes, especially in the second half; some cinematic freedom is beyond comprehension.

Ginni Weds Sunny starts off well and the characters are introduced accordingly. Ginni’s entry scene is quite funny. The special thing about this film is that not only the lead actors of the film but also the supporting actors have contributed in increasing the entertainment level of the film. It fits perfectly on Puppy and Shobha. The scene of Shobha becoming a love guru is a sight to behold. The Mussoorie episode is lovely too. The scene of Nishant proposing to Ginni is quite dramatic which would have happened at the interval point if the film had released in theatres. After the interval, the film falls apart a bit and the humour also diminishes. Although some scenes are good. The finale scene is intriguing which adds to the fun.

Talking about acting, Vikrant Massey delivers a superb performance. Vikrant has often been a part of mainstream films where he has been seen as a supporting character. But this is Vikrant’s first commercial film as a male lead hero in which he has done a great job. His comic timing and his effort not to go overboard is commendable. Yami Gautam played [2019] After that, it has given a memorable performance. She suits her character. Special mention should go to the wonderful chemistry of Vikrant and Yami. Ayesha Raza dominates her role and she has an important role in the film. Rajeev Gupta, who recently appeared in the version Bhanupriya [2020] If you were seen in it, then you are seen on a different level. His dialogues bring humour. Majal Vyas however leaves a mark. Isha V Talwar is fair. Gurpreet Saini (Sumeet) is funny. Other actors who do well are Sanchita Puri (Prerna), VP Kalra (Piles uncle in Metro), Munish Dev Mohan (Neha’s father) and Deepak Chadha (Neha’s uncle).

Music is fine. ‘Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’ is spectacular and initially it seems like a promotional song but it is part of the film. ‘Lol’ is foot-tapping, while ‘Rubaru’ and ‘Phir Chal’ have been used well in the background. Phoonk Phoonk Ke has been used in the pre-climax and finale of the film. Prasad S’s background score is in line with the film’s narrative.

Nathine Nagraj’s cinematography is clean and captures the Delhi, Noida and Metro networks well. Ashwini Srivastava’s production design is eye-catching, especially at Ginni and Sunny’s house. Mandira Shukla’s costume is fine but Amandeep Kaur’s costume for Yami Gautam is very glamorous and alluring. U&V Media’s VFX is average. This hot air balloon sequence could have been better. Sandeep Sethi’s editing is fine.

Overall, Ginny Weds Sunny rests on a familiar plot but this can be seen for its well-written screenplay and the tremendous chemistry of Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam. Apart from this, it is a clean film with neither offensive words nor obscene scenes. Thus, it is a family entertainer.



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