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Fraud Saiyaan review | Film Review of Fraud Saiyaan – Bollywood News in Hindi

Four years ago, Sonam Kapoor released her film Dolly Ki Doli. [2015] I surprised everyone with my comic style. The story of this film revolves around a woman in which a newly married woman runs away with all the money of her groom. And now after so many years changing gender Arshad Warsi has played a similar character in his film Fraud Saiyaan which released this week. It is a very late film but luckily the makers do not find this film old. So will Fraud Saiyaan prove to be a fun film or does it fail in its endeavor. Let’s review.

Fraud Saiyan is the story of a man who has many wives. Bhola Prasad Tripathi (Arshad Warsi) is a thug, who marries women and then runs away with their money. He has married more than 12 women and is now looking for his next victim. He lives with his wife Sunita (Deepali Pansare). One day Sunita asks her husband Bhola to go to the station to bring their uncle Murari Chaurasia (Saurabh Shukla). While Murari comes to know about Bhola’s truth.

He tries to expose her but his attempt proves unsuccessful. He then pretends to be obsessed with Bhola and asks her to be a part of the team. Bhola reluctantly agrees and Murari then learns how easily Bhola can handle so many wives. The two run into trouble one day when a dacoit Chanda Yadav (Bhavna Pani), whom Bhola had promised to marry, kidnaps them and forces them to marry them. What happens after this will be known after watching the rest of the film.

Saurabh Srivastava’s story is interesting and reminiscent of Doli Ki Doli and even Kapil Sharma’s debut film Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon [2015] . Talking about the script, there are many flaws in it, it could have been taken care of. But the screenplay by Amal Donwar and Sharad Tripathi makes no such effort. In the film, things happen quite easily. Some of these can be overlooked by those people who leave their mind home to watch such films. But still, there must be some limit and the manufacturers do not follow it. For example, Murari gets down at a desolate railway station, which was not supposed to be his destination. And here, he finds a destitute car that too with keys. Needless to say, he keeps it to himself and keeps it with him till the very end! Amal Donwar and Sharad Tripathi’s dialogues though are quirky and help build up the effect. Saurabh Srivastava’s direction is average. Despite the short length, the film seems to be dragging. And an attempt was made to justify the actions of Bhola horribly.

Fraud Saiyan is a late film but it doesn’t look old but in terms of views it looks quite old. This film could have worked 4-5 years back. But in the year 2019, such a film seems regressive and objectionable. Some scenes are interesting though. But on the other hand, the humor in the film seems to be forced. Also, despite the short length of 1.52 hours, Fraud Saiyan looks like a 2.30 hour long film. Thankfully, the climax of the film is quite surprising and unexpected. Which saves the film from being a huge flop.

Arshad Warsi entertains a lot while appearing in his full form. He suits such a role and never disappoints the audience with his stellar performance. Saurabh Shukla is also very funny but the script disappoints him. The pairing of Arshad and Saurabh brings a lot of fun to the screen. Sarah Loren (Payal) is rarely seen in the beginning but in the second half; She makes the biggest impact out of all the other actresses. Flora Saini (Shraddha) performs well after this. Elli Avram (Chandni) is decent. His scene is very well woven. Deepali Pansare doesn’t do anything special. Bhavani Pani is funny Nivedita Tiwari (Mala Dubey) is fine. Preeti Sood (Preeti) gets limited scope Varun Badola (Badri) is fine. Piyush Suhane (Dulare) and Faizal Malik (Cop) add fun.

Music by Sohail Sen and Tanishk Bagchi is simple. ‘Chamma Chamma’ is the most memorable of all the songs. The title song is catchy but not memorable. Going by the mood of the film, Sohail Sen’s background score is quirky. Uday Prakash Singh’s production design is fine. Prakash Kutti’s cinematography is simple. Nirav Soni’s editing is weak and some scenes could have been shortened.

Overall, Fraud Saiyaan is actually a very late film as it might have done better if it had come a few years back. Its low headlines will affect the good performance of this film at the box office.



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