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EXCLUSIVE: Shabana Azmi – “I have never planned my future” | EXCLUSIVE: Shabana Azmi gave the message of staying united on her birthday through a song “To break up is not your job, we are connecting hearts…” – Bollywood News in Hindi

Bollywood’s veteran actress Shabana Azmi is celebrating her 70th birthday today. On this special occasion, Shabana Azmi talked to us about many interesting things about cinema and her life.

It’s your first birthday during the lockdown. So what are your birthday plans?

There is nothing to do. This will be a new experience.

You have achieved a lot compared to other artists. So are there any unfulfilled dreams still?

I never did any planning for my future. I have said this before. I feel that I consider myself lucky to be in the right place at the right time and hence my life and career took a right turn.

So nothing else to achieve now?

I hope that my journey is not over yet, more challenges await ahead. Barbra Streisand’s lines are my favorite, “”

There was a time when actors did not get any strong roles after a certain age. Is this changing now?

Yes, it has changed to a great extent. Strong roles come to me even today, Touchwood. Eco system has changed. The reliance of the young actors to carry the entire film on their shoulders has reduced. Now essentially the role of senior actors is also added to the lead role in the story of the film.

Do you think OTT platforms have opened a new door for talented artistes?

OTT platforms have made us realize that content is king. Movies are no longer made with the aim of making everyone happy. The film industry has now realized that all types of audiences can be found here for all types of content.

Do you think the star system in Bollywood is dying out?

Actually marketing is needed where there is no big star in the film. But the opposite is being seen. The marketing budget of big films is also very high. The smaller the film, the smaller its visibility. In such a situation, due to low marketing, a small film gets paralyzed. But if we want to remove this distinction, then we have to remember that Chaitanya Tamhane’s film The Disciple got the Best Screenplay Award in Venice.

Which of the actresses of today’s era do you find interesting?

Tabu, Vidya Balan, Alia Bhatt are very good actress. Vidya’s voice modulation is superb. I think today’s generation actress spends more time in achieving her fit figure which should be there but voice modulation needs more attention. And yes, please can someone learn how to fix them in the right places?!!! Stupid is not stupid, beautiful, fragrance, thoughts have flaws like mood and not mood, etc.

Your brother recently became a director. So what do you think about becoming a director?

Don’t let go! There is a lot of hard work in that.. It is easier than that to become an actor!!

Do you have any message for the country on this special day?

There was a song by Kaifi Saab which he wrote for IPTA (Indian People’s Theater Association)-

“It’s not your job to break

we are the ones who join hearts

Is Hindu and is Muslim

how white how black

All the grains of the same rosary”



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