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EXCLUSIVE: Rajpal Yadav talks about not knowing English language | EXCLUSIVE: Despite not knowing English language, Rajpal Yadav made his brilliant film career, shared the secret – Bollywood News in Hindi

By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Jul 17, 2021 – 19:22 hrs IS

Actor Rajpal Yaad’s comedy, who has spent more than 20 years in Hindi cinema, has always made the audience laugh a lot. And now Rajpal Yadav will soon be seen making the audience laugh once again in Priyadarshan’s comedy film Hungama 2. During the promotion of Hungama 2, Rajpal Yadav had an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Hungama in which he openly said that even though he does not know English, English has never been a problem in front of his acting. While for some people language becomes a hindrance in their career, Rajpal Yadav broke the barrier of this language and made a place in the film industry very easily.

English did not hinder Rajpal Yadav’s acting

In response, Rajpal said, “A man who is full from stomach to throat, he is called a good prankster. But a man who is a good prankster has a serious man hidden inside him. No language can make anyone a good actor. Language itself is a communication without words. If you do not speak words and talk eye to eye, then it becomes a strong communication. And this is the communication I have with Ramu ji and Priyadarshan ji.

I am not comfortable speaking English with Priyadarshan ji and he is not comfortable speaking Hindi but he understands Hindi? Once Priyadarshanji insisted that I speak in English. But as soon as I speak English, I feel ashamed that I may not speak wrong. Because since childhood we have studied in Hindi medium.

every day is a learning day for me

One thing we keep in mind as an actor is that we always say a lot with our eyes. Every day is a learning day for me. I don’t know what I did yesterday I always start afresh. I go on shooting thinking that I have not done anything in life, today I have to act. And in that affair, all the communication we have is easily done. I don’t know English but still I am the most comfortable in London.

Leave me alone anywhere in the world I communicate everywhere. But I hesitate to speak English in the midst of acquaintances because if spoken wrongly, I will feel that it will make fun of me. Where there is no worry about making fun, then no language comes in the way. That’s why I feel that I know Hindi well and I welcome English as Prasad. English was never a problem in front of my acting.



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