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In Indian society, marriage of a younger woman with an older man is considered perfectly acceptable. However, in such a situation a number of terms and conditions apply especially if the age difference between the two is significant. Although such marriages are common, but it also becomes a reason for discussion for many people. Luv Ranjan, who is known for making quirky rom-com films, has taken up this issue very smartly in his film De De Pyaar De, which released this week. But this time he is just the writer and producer as the film is directed by debut director Akiv Ali. So will De De Pyaar De manage to entertain the audience just like Luv Ranjan did in his previous films? Or will it fail to entertain the audience? Let’s review.

De De Pyaar De is an unusual love story. 50-year-old Ashish (Ajay Devgan) lives alone in London. He is separated from his wife Manju (Tabu). One day at a common friend’s wedding, he meets 26-year-old Ayesha (Rakul Preet Singh). Ayesha is a very lively and new age girl. Ashish falls in love with Ayesha. At the same time, Ayesha also gets hooked on Ashish. In no time, the two become very close to each other. Ashish is a bit hesitant when it comes to marriage but then he realizes that he cannot live without Ayesha and loves her very much so he agrees to the marriage. And then Ashish takes Ayesha to his home town, Manali in India, to get his parents’ approval. He decides not to inform anyone about his arrival and as soon as he reaches there, there is a ruckus. Ashish has not been in touch with his family for years and hence his family members including his wife Manju, daughter Ishita (Inayat), son Ishaan (Bhavin Bhanushali), father (Alok Nath) and mother (Madhulal Kapoor) are shocked to see him. go. Ishita told her future in-laws that her father Ashish is no longer in this world. At the same time, Ashish sees how much trouble has arisen due to his arrival. What happens next after this, it is known only after watching the next film.

Luv Ranjan’s story is entertaining and also very progressive and mature. He delivers a very important message but at the same time he keeps it interesting with many entertaining and funny scenes. The screenplay by Luv Ranjan, Tarun Jain and Surbhi Bhatnagar is also accurate and very effective. So much happens every minute in the film that during the duration of 135 minutes, no one gets bored. Some sequences are incomprehensible > The dialogues of Tarun Jain and Luv Ranjan are very cool, funny and funny. The lingo is from today’s generation and it is fresh. However the abuses have been muted.

Akiv Ali’s direction is quite good and as a first-timer, it is commendable that he has handled the film and its plot with sensitivity and skill. The film is a bit bold for the Indian audience due to an unusually large age gap concept. Apart from this, the scene of Raksha Bandhan can also raise laurels. Something similar happens just before the climax. Due to this, a section of cinema lovers may be uncomfortable. But writing with Akiv’s direction ensures that it will not be accepted and will be viewed in the right spirit. Also, it reflects the changing times.

De De Pyaar De starts off on a grand note. Ayesha’s entry is smoking hot and the way she has feelings for Ashish is understandable. Sunny Singh (Aakash) has a fun track. The surprise of the first half comes when the laughter disappears from the film and the story moves on. Although this does not bore the film, rather the audience is made to realize that this is not just a comedy film. The intermission point is clapping which comes at a critical juncture. And when Ashish comes in a rage in the second half, the film takes a different level. Along with this, the eyes of the audience also become moist. When Ashish makes a bet for a live-in relationship, it’s great. But the best scenes are saved for just before the climax. Some unforeseen scenes are seen here. The film ends on a very good note and a hint of its sequel is also found here.

Ajay Devgan delivers a beautiful performance and plays his character in a very balanced manner. Ajay in comedy films [गोलमाल सीरिज] Known for his excellent performance. But in De De Pyaar De, which is full of comedy and emotion, Ajay understands this very well and delivers a balanced performance. In the opening scene, he speaks a lot with his eyes without any dialogue and it makes a tremendous impact. The audience will definitely like this cute avatar of Singham. Rakul Preet Singh shines like a star and this will be her favorite work in Bollywood. She looks very confident in terms of hot bombshell and performance. In fact, she is completely dominated in the first half. And in the second half, Tabu is completely covered. He has played his character very well and his skill makes his character even more beautiful. After Andhadhun, his character will be well liked by the people. In some scenes Jimmy Shergill brings laughter, although in some scenes his character seems to be forcibly added. Looks like Alok Nath Luv’s previous film Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety [2018] Have come walking from the set of sleep. There is no doubt that he is funny. Kumud Mishra adds a lot to the film. Inayat looks a bit loud but that was the need of her character. Sometimes she gets bored too. Bhavin Bhanushali looks lovely and his character adds to the madness. Javed Jaffrey (Sameer) and Sunny Singh contribute laughter in the first half. Madhumalti Kapoor and Rajveer Singh are fine.

The songs are not of the chartbuster variety but work in the film. ‘Vadi Sharaban’ is the best among all because of its portraiture, positioning and choreography (Bosco Caesar). ‘Dil Roi Jaaye’ is good after this and the song sung in Arijit Singh’s voice is also good. ‘Mukhda Ve Ke’ is foot-tapping, ‘Chale Aana’ is melodious, while ‘Tu Mila To Hai’ is melodious. ‘Howly Hooli’ is played at the end. Hitesh Sonik’s background score adds to the entertainment.

Shashank Tere’s production design is rich and engaging. Niharika Bhasin Khan and Akki Narula’s costumes are glamorous, especially those worn by Rakul Preet. Even Ajay and Tabu are styled well. The editing of Chetan M Solanki is commendable as the pace of the film is neither too fast nor dragging.

De De Pyaar De Review:

Overall, De De Pyaar De is a paisa vasool film with laughable moments and strong emotions which is its USP. The film has all the potential to do well at the box office and the appreciation from the people will go a long way. Do see it.



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