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Critic Review: Shivaay | Shivaay movie review – Bollywood News in Hindi

It doesn’t happen every time when you get to see two big films clash at the box office. Prior to this, the big films which released together on the same day include Lagaan Aur Gadar Ek Prem Katha (June 15, 2001), Dil Aur Ghayal (June 22, 1990), and all these films proved to be huge hits at the box office. . Despite releasing on the same day, all these films proved to be blockbusters at the box office. Two big films releasing at the box office this week are Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Will the action-packed, otherwise soft and emotional film take over ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ due to some sort of ‘divine influence’ or will it have the opposite, let’s review.

Shivaay is an emotional action thriller film that depicts the beautiful relationship between a father and his daughter and the extent to which a father can go for his daughter. The film begins with the fearless, courageous Shivaay (Ajay Devgan) helping the Indian Army through snow-capped mountains and dangerous terrain. In the film, Shivaay leads a group of enthusiastic climbers on an expedition i.e. Shivaay helps tourists and soldiers on the snowy mountains. On this expedition he meets Olga Paramsky (Erika Carr). Gradually, they both fall in love with each other and develop a physical relationship which leads them to a daughter Gaura (Abigail Ames). After the birth of Gaura, who is dumb since birth, Olga leaves both Shivaay and Gaura, as Olga has to spend her life in her home country of Bulgaria. Thereafter, Shivaay becomes a single parent and raises his daughter Gaura and tells her that her mother is dead. But one day, when Gaura learns the truth about her mother, she becomes very angry for lying to Shivaay. To pacify her, he takes Gaura to Bulgaria to reunite her with her mother, Olga. And here, Gaura gets kidnapped by some unknown human trafficker. And its

Later Shivaay starts searching for his daughter Gaura. Anushka (Saisha), Wahab (Vir Das) and Sharma (Saurabh Shukla) help him in this. Does Shivaay succeed in finding his daughter and her as well as Olga in the unknown country of Bulgaria, what are the difficulties Shivaay has to face in finding Olga and Gaura, what role does Anushka play in Shivaay’s life? All this comes to light only after watching the rest of the film.

When the promos of Shivaay were released, its serene locations and action packed stunts captivated the audience. At the same time, the promo of the film tightly captured the plot of the film in such a way that the story/plot of the film was not revealed at all. While the film has stunning visuals and mind-blowing action sequences, the film’s screenplay (Sandeep Srivastava), despite a few mistakes, has managed to keep the audience hooked to the emphasis of the script.

Ajay Devgn, who made his directorial debut with U Me Aur Hum, has donned the director’s cap for the second time for Shivaay. The first half of the film is a bit slow due to the setting of the story of the film, while the second half of the film is lively, gripping, tight and full of great action sequences. The climax of the film seems to have been pulled a bit. Ajay Devgn has put his whole life into Shivaay as a director, which is clearly visible in every frame and scene of the film. Ajay Devgn has been a complete success as the director of Shivaay. He has successfully and correctly done justice to ‘Shivaay’ which will be loved by the cine-lovers. While the setting, background, location and cast of the film are mostly foreign, Shivaay’s essence is completely Indian which will be the biggest reason to engage the audience. Ajay Devgn has completely managed to entertain the audience with his action sequences, which act as the perfect component for the audience. There are some scenes in the film which one should not miss under any circumstances. These include Ajay Devgan’s introduction scene, avalanche incident in the middle of a mountaineering expedition, Gaura’s kidnapping scene and her chase. Ajay Devgn is given full marks out of the box for successfully getting the best work out of the rest of the cast.

On the acting front, the film rests entirely on the strong shoulders of Ajay Devgn, who has delivered a stellar performance in the title role of Shivaay. Since Ajay Devgan’s previous film Drishyam was a cyclical thriller film, Shivaay is an action film. this movie

Ajay Devgan’s action hero avatar will be a comeback film. Ajay Devgan’s superiority in the role is fully deserved by him i.e. Ajay Devgan’s role in the film is fully deserved by him. Ajay Devgn’s relationship with child actor Abigail Ames in the film seems very natural and natural. Although Ajay Devgn pulls off the entire film on his own, he is fully supported by Abigail Ames, who has effectively made her Bollywood debut opposite Shivaay. After Hollywood shows like Lawless and Harry and Paul’s Story of the 2S, child actor Abigail Ames marks her adorable and quirky debut opposite Shivaay. Although she is a dumb girl (hence, no dialogues) in the film, she expresses her emotions through her eyes which is very effective and effective. Debutant actresses, Erica Kar and Sayyeshaa Sehgal both do complete justice to their respective characters. On the other hand, Vir Das and veteran actor Girish Karnad suit him in cameos. The rest of the cast help him in taking the film forward.

The dialogues (Sandeep Srivastava) of the film are very average and there is no one liner that the audience can remember. There are some corny moments in the second half of the film which can be unintentionally laughable. Though Shivaay’s music (despite the title track) doesn’t sound great, its pretty good background music manages to get the hang of it.

The cinematography of this film by Aseem Bajaj is simple and excellent. Whole numbers are given to Aseem Bajaj for making Shivaay look grand and handsome, surely it will give a bigger screen experience. The editing of the film (Dharmendra Sharma) is good. Full marks are given to the action director of the film and his team for their amazing work.

Overall, Shivaay is a perfect emotional thriller that wins hearts with its captivating visuals, scintillating action and top-notch performance from Ajay Devgn. Due to the festival being a long weekend, the film will win the box office. Don’t miss it.



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