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Are there really ghosts? The web series based on the upcoming real horror story of Jai Mehta and Prabhleen Kaur will find the answer to this question.

What will happen when, everyone will get to see the story of a person who has actually experienced a ghost. I have seen such unnatural situations which are beyond imagination. Yes, Jai Mehta, son of director Hansal Mehta and producer (Almighty Motion Picture) Prabhleen Kaur are trying to bring such haunting true stories and real experiences through web series. Producer Prabhleen Kaur has bought the official rights of the book Ghost Hunter: Gaurav Tiwari and will soon produce this web series in association with director Jay Mehta. This web series based on true and scary horror story will be made in 6 languages.

Let us tell you that Gaurav Tiwari was the first founder, CEO and director of GRIP (Ghost Research and Investigator of Paranormal) Indian Paranormal Society (IPS), India. His aspirations of becoming a Certified Commercial Pilot took him to Florida where he successfully completed the training program and presented himself with a Commercial Pilot License.

Since initially he did not believe in ghosts and spirits, but in Florida where he lived, he experienced something that was very difficult to describe. After that he decided to do research on this topic. Later joined the Pernexus Anomalus Research Association to earn his degree in Panasonic/Paranormal Research. After returning to India in 2009, he founded India’s first professional paranormal team and named it ‘Indian Paranormal Society’. Owing to her prowess and widespread success, she has appeared in several TV shows such as MTV’s Girl Night Out with Rannvijay, Haunted Weekend with Sunny Leone and others like Aaj Tak, Live India, News 24, Star TV, Zee News, IBN 7 etc. Appeared on various news channels.

She was also seen as a paranormal researcher/expert on Zee TV’s horror show ‘Fear Files’, and before her mysterious death a few years ago, she was in India and India to solve some similar unnatural cases. Went abroad.

Expressing her happiness, producer Prabhleen Kaur says, “The fond memories of the National Award winning film Shahid are very short, one of them being Jai, with assistant director Hansal Mehta as the director. Once the setup of the paranormal scene was being done, we were talking about a host of things, then we realized that both of us are interested in the horror genre and we believe in the supernatural. Huh . When I bought the rights of the book Ghost Hunter: Gaurav Tiwari, it took me no time to think that no one could make it better than Jai Mehta. I am sure that he will give a new dimension to horror cinema not only in India but also abroad through his skill and will take it to the best category. Keeping in mind the wider audience for the genre, we are planning to make the series in 6 different languages.”

Jay Mehta is also very excited and said, “I have always been a fan of the horror genre and believe in this higher power to some extent. I remember reading about Gaurav Tiwari and also watching his shows on TV when I was there. I have always been impressed by his personality, who he was and what he did. But it’s not just a horror story. This is a true story about Gaurav Tiwari and the Indian Paranormal Society and the cases they dealt with. I believe ‘this is a story that must be told and I am honored to have been chosen to tell this story’.

Deepti Talwar, Editor-in-Chief, Westland Publications, said, “The journey of Gaurav Tiwari is a wonderful, engaging story, and we are excited to publish a book on him that examines extraordinary cases.”

Author Abhiroop Dhar, who co-authored the book, said, “I am extremely delighted that this fascinating book that captures the life of India’s most renowned paranormal explorer has been turned into a visual adaptation. I think this adaptation, together with everyone’s support, will be one of the most compelling book adaptations of recent times.”

(Indian Paranormal Society) The IPS team of Meghna Porwal, Siddharth Bantwal, Waqar Raj, Rit Deb, Mohan Kattimani were both passionate and excited by this recent development and said, “We believe that it is the best that we honor the venerable Gaurav. And can keep Tiwari ji’s life and his spirit alive. This adaptation will completely reflect his biography and will showcase the most horrific real cases we have solved.”

Writer Saurav Dey says, “When I first came to know about the things that Gaurav Tiwari did, I was really thrilled. Not only by his journey, but also by his methods. Personally, I love haunted houses. I once went to Bhangarh to find out what is so mysterious there. And personally, I’ve had an experience in life that really shook me, an experience that I still can’t explain rationally. While this story gives me a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look at supernatural phenomena, I am also interested in human psychology, our deepest fears and insecurities, and how the presence of the apparently ‘irrational’ can strip us of our origins.”



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