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Akshay Kumar finally said something buried in his heart, broke the silence about drugs in Bollywood

By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Oct 3, 2020 – 20:20 hrs IST

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, who recently returned to Mumbai from Scotland after completing the shooting of his upcoming film Bellbottom, took to social media to share his heart. Akshay Kumar accepted the problem of drugs in Bollywood by sharing the video and appealed to everyone that it is wrong to defame the entire industry because of this. With this, Akshay Kumar admitted that the film industry has many things that need to be fixed. Sharing the video, Akshay Kumar wrote in the caption, “There was something in my mind for a long time, but I could not understand what to say, to whom. Today thought I would share with you guys. #DirectDilSe”

Akshay Kumar spoke about his heart

Akshay said, “Today I am talking to you with a heavy heart. In the last few weeks, many things came in my mind to say but there is so much negativity everywhere that I do not understand what, how much and to whom should I speak. Look, we may be called stars, but you have made Bollywood with your love. We are not just an industry, we have taken the culture of our country, our values ​​to every corner of the world through films. Whenever it came to the sentiments of the people of our country, whatever you were feeling, for so many years films tried to show it. Whether it is Angry Man’s anger, or whether it is corruption, poverty, unemployment, cinema has tried to show every issue in its own way. In such a situation, if there is anger in your sentiment today, then that anger is also on our forehead.

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many issues came to the fore.

Many such issues have come to the fore after the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Who has given us as much pain as you all. These issues have compelled us to look in our own eyes. It has forced us to see many such flaws in our film industry which need attention. Like narcotics and drugs are being talked about nowadays.

How do I lie to you guys that this problem doesn’t exist

How can I lie to you guys today by placing my hand on my heart that this problem does not exist. Sure it does. Just like it happens in every industry and in every profession. But it cannot happen that every person of every profession should be involved in it. It happens a little. I am sure that whatever investigation, whatever action is being taken by our law enforcement, authority and court on this, it will be absolutely right. And I also know that everyone in the film industry will fully co-operate with him. But please with folded hands I say that don’t do this, don’t start looking at the whole industry with the same infamous world. this is not right . this is wrong .

I have full faith in the media

I personally have always believed in the power of the media, if the media does not raise the right issues at the right time, then probably many people will not get a voice or a human being. I request the media to continue their work and raise their voice. But please be a little sensitive. Because a negative news will ruin a person’s years of respect and work, hard work. In the end, there is only one message from people, man, all of you have made us. Won’t let go of your faith. If you have any resentment, we will work harder. Your love and trust will win. You are so we are, just keep together.”



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