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Advance booking has not started yet for Akshay Kumar’s Big Budget Suryavanshi, releasing in theaters on November 5, this is the reason


Rohit Shetty’s Akshay Kumar star cop drama Final is releasing in theaters on November 5. Not only the fans, but the film industry is also excited about the release of Sooryavanshi because after 18 months such a big film is going to release in theatres. Interestingly, Sooryavanshi is released at the box office window alone and no other film is released with it. But despite this, booking has not started for Suryavanshi yet. Booking has not started yet in many cinemas and especially in national multiplex chains like INOX, PVR, and Cinepolis This is because talks are going on between the cinema and the Sooryavanshi makers on two aspects which are yet to conclude. has arrived.

Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi to release on November 5

A close source told Bollywood Hungama, “Before the pandemic, the revenue sharing model was fixed since 2009 and the film industry was following the same model. But after the pandemic, makers are now seeking a bigger part of the revenue sharing model. The makers of Sooryavanshi are seeking 60% revenue in the first week, 55% in the second week, and 50% in the 3rd and 4th weeks from a single screen, standalone multiplexes, and non-national multiplexes. As far as national series are concerned, talks are on and it is not expected to be 60% in the first week. The two sides are expected to reach an agreement by today (Monday) evening or by Tuesday afternoon.”

The source further added, “Single screen and standalone multiplexes have requested that they want the same revenue-sharing terms as the national multiplexes. A solution will be worked out soon on this front. The cinemas that have 2K format should at least clarify that in the absence of proper revenue sharing for Sooryavanshi, they will go ahead and give all their shows to Disney’s Eternals, which is also releasing on November 5. However, non-2k cinemas will not have this option. Because Hollywood movies are not allowed to be released in such theaters. So, they have no option but to screen Sooryavanshi and hopefully, a solution will be found soon.”

The source added, “Disney has asked for a 50% revenue share in the first week in the case of Eternals, 48% in the second week, 45% in the third week and 40% in the fourth week and as is the rule now, Cinema Hall will also be expected to spend 30% of the 3D premium with the studio.”

Another aspect where there is no clear consensus is on screen sharing. The source revealed, “We have heard that Reliance has said that they want maximum shows of Sooryavanshi in multiplexes and almost 100% shows in cinemas with 3 or less than 3 screens. This means smaller theaters have to show Eternals. On the other hand, Disney has demanded at least some exposure for its film in these theaters. This is trying to make it clear to exhibitors that Eternal is a big film and deserves to be played. Is .”

In between, the exhibitors are getting into trouble. One exhibitor sighed, “Instead of solving the problem by sitting at the tables of these studios, they prefer to hand-twist us. We don’t want to harm Reliance or Disney and justify Sooryavanshi as well as Eternal.” We want to provide shows in numbers. We are just waiting and hoping that there will be a consensus and also that the revenue sharing is fair.”

The exhibitor also said, “We never thought that this problem would arise in the case of Sooryavanshi and Eternals. Now I wonder what will happen in the week when Final and Satyamev Jayate 2 releases together at the box office.”

However, an industry insider assured us that all will be well, “It will be a happy Diwali for the makers and the exhibitors. This is not the first such instance and we are sure that all the parties concerned will reach an agreement soon.



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