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“A picture has been painted of the industry as a terrible place for outsiders to aspire to”, says Producers Guild Of India in an open letter | Producers Guild of India wrote an open letter to those presenting a negative image of the film industry, saying – “It is wrong for outsiders to portray the industry in a sinister form” – Bollywood News in Hindi

The reputation of the Indian film industry is being continuously attacked by all the media since last few months. The tragic death of a promising young artist is being used by some to defame the film industry and its members. For outsiders, the industry is portrayed as a horrific one where outsiders are condemned. A place where people try to enter but are subjected to humiliating abuse, a place of criminality and substance abuse. This story is enough for the media industry to increase its ratings and readership. But this is not true.

There is no doubt that the film industry, like other sectors, has many flaws, and any industry should continue to strive for continuous improvement. The industry should continue to learn and grow from this and resolve any unscheduled facts. But it is very wrong to hold the entire industry responsible for these lapses.

The film industry provides employment to hundreds of thousands of people, promotes travel and tourism. The film industry is recognized worldwide as one of the most important sources of India’s soft power. This industry has been entertaining crores of people for many centuries, which has continuously contributed in increasing the pride and honor of the country. The industry has welcomed talents associated with art, literature and music from across the country. These arts have created a unique cinematic language. That is why we are still one of the few countries that have kept the local film industries thriving and vibrant in multiple languages, despite the aggressive Hollywood industry for decades. What’s more, the industry has contributed generously to the national cause and we have often readily offered our resources (name, recognition, time and money) without even being called.

We do not deny the personal experiences of anyone in the industry. It is true that some people who enter this business and while trying to establish themselves face many difficulties, struggles and disappointments. In any field whether it is politics, law, business, medicine or media, new entrants everywhere have to face difficulties.

Knowing all this, such concerted efforts are being made where the entire film industry is being portrayed in such a way that they prevent new outside talent from moving forward in this industry. This is not true. There are many talented actors, directors, writers, musicians, cinematographers, editors, sound designers, production designers, costume designers, and art directors who have no relation with the film industry, yet they have established themselves in this industry by doing impressive work. have gone. There are many such actors in this industry who have done inspirational and challenging work that has redefined Indian cinema. Due to being born in the industry, some people easily get their first break, but after that they have to prove their art and talent, only then they move forward in this industry.

We want to tell all the aspirants of the film industry that they should not be misled by clickbait journalism. Through such journalism, it is being shown that the film industry is a very scary place. It is a place that ultimately acknowledges your talent, work ethic and ability to connect with an audience – regardless of your religion, gender, caste or economic status.

Though it is very difficult for outsiders to present their talent in the industry but with perseverance, perseverance and luck, they can and have been successful. There are many people who have made a name for themselves in the industry despite being outsiders.

These times are very difficult for our country and the world. So instead of showing hatred towards each other, we should support each other. In this outsiders debate both sides, especially women, are receiving rape and death threats, which is unacceptable, and we must stop it.

Media should introspect and stop promoting crime. There are few things more important than advertising revenue and ratings – such as general human decency. Let us also show our humanity.

in solidarity

Producers Guild of India



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