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20 Years of Lagaan: 5 Unknown facts about the film | 20 Years of Lagaan: Abhishek Bachchan was the director’s first choice for Lagaan, not Aamir Khan, know 5 unheard facts related to Lagaan – Bollywood News in Hindi

By Subhash K Jha, Jun 15, 2021 – 16:17 hrs IST

Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film Lagaan completes 20 years today. With this film, Aamir made his debut in film production. Lagaan, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, is one of the cult classics of Hindi cinema, which created history with its success. The echo of the success of Lagaan spread not only in the country but also abroad, so this film was also nominated for Oscar in the foreign language category on India’s side. Lagaan, which reached a nomination in the Foreign Language Film category of the Oscar Awards, was released on 15 June 2001. Gracy Singh was also seen in this film along with Aamir Khan.

5 unheard facts related to Aamir Khan’s Lagaan

1. Aamir was seen wearing a dhoti for the first time in Lagaan, before that he had never worn a dhoti. But he had learned to wear dhoti in just 1 day. When I asked him how the audience would react when they see their hero in a dhoti, Aamir said, “Whether I wear a dhoti in Lagaan or it is a period film, it is all irrelevant. If the audience likes the story, they will definitely watch it.” Aamir’s words proved to be true and the audience gave a lot of love to the film.

2. The first choice for Bhuvan’s character (played by Aamir) in Lagaan was Abhishek Bachchan. Director Ashutosh Gowariker waited a full 2 ​​years for Abhishek’s Yes. But then he changed his choice. Incidentally, Aamir saw the script of Lagaan. He liked it and expressed his desire to do it. Gowariker and Khan had earlier worked together in Baazi, where Aamir wore a drag dress for the first and last time. Recalling his association with Gowariker, Aamir said, “Ashutosh and I were friends in the beginning. I found him so sure about Lagaan. The script came from within him and he was completely in tune with the theme. I surrendered myself to him because everything depended on his decision. Although we used to argue sometimes. But nothing special. You will remember that we were discussing and deciding about the film long before the shooting actually started.”

3. The first choice for the role of heroine was Aamir’s favorite Rani Mukerji. But then the queen was busy. Lagaan was to be shot in Bhuj and for which the actress needed two consecutive months of dates. which the queen did not have. Aamir and Gowariker decided to cast a new actress. More than 40 fresh faces were shortlisted before Gracy Singh was selected. Finally Gracie Singh was cast opposite Aamir.

20 Years of Lagaan: Abhishek Bachchan was the director's first choice for Lagaan, not Aamir Khan, know 5 such unheard facts related to Lagaan

4. Nitin Desai was given the task of building a set in Bhuj like a village in colonial India. Aamir told me, “We have built an entire village set in Bhuj. The local people were extremely helpful. We used a lot of local people to make the set. Though it was designed by Nitin Desai but we used local labor force to manufacture the set. We liked some local architectural designs in Bhuj. We used them so that our village did not look like a set. The land we used belonged to the local people. There was agricultural land. We rented the land for one year and paid the farmer what he would have earned from farming during that one year. After the shooting was over, we gave them their land back as we got it.”

5. Two British actors got married in Bhuj during the shooting of Lagaan. Recalling this, Aamir said, “Actually we had forty junior artists, of whom twenty came from London. One of those actors, Jamie, came with his girlfriend. He told us that he planned to get married in India following Indian customs after the shoot. One of us suggested that they get married there in Bhuj. We completed the wedding rituals in the temple with sangeet, mehendi etc. on our sets.”



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